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26.10.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+6] basic law of diffraction to finally finish!

In the social area of fundamental rights be trampled.
The respect for the Constitution and human rights.

Reader's letter “No-show may be a piece of! ” in the KOBINET - Forum – 26.10.2008, at 19:12

No-show may be a piece of!

Perhaps the prohibitions of Discrimination should be deleted in article 3 (Germany) or article 7 (Austria) from the Federal constitutions, if they are in any case only to the beautiful appearance of equality in the Constitution, de facto but dead right. We don't need fundamental rights, protected in a bulletproof glass display Cabinet – well before access will be issued. We need to have rights to Attack.

Fundamental rights may be undermined, neither fiscal reasons and from arbitrary authority or other lower economistic instincts, neither in principle, and certainly not to children, and to all persons in need of comprehensive support by the community of solidarity. ( )

Dear Mr lawyer, Kroll,

thank you for your clear words, I can confirm this from bitter experience in dealing with the Austrian youth welfare offices and social security authorities in full. The formulations can't be drastic enough, the madness and stubbornness to Express official incompetence and ignorance!

Yes, it must change urgently something, and I wish you from the bottom of my heart, that you can bring your power and insight for the urgently required process of change, tomorrow's trial 1 and furthermore, as a courageous “advocate”, the name worthy.

In sincere appreciation,
Gerhard Lichtenauer, Initiator of the Austrian citizens ' initiative “the Home home” [URL removed, note.]

Source: kobinet-nachrichten 26.10.2008 – 09:15

Arbitrary Authority – Child Welfare – Child Welfare – Risk Of Suicide

Alfred Kroll

Oldenburg (kobinet), The fate of mentally handicapped children worrying. The example of children with Asperger's syndrome, it is likely to be particularly significant. The state guarantees these deprived children of constitutionally granted assistance instruments, in particular with a view to an adequate education. The associated costs for these disadvantaged children need Education and integration assistant to apply, do not want to accept many of the youth offices with the consequence that the concerned, in part, highly intelligent children can not go to a mainstream or integration of school, but to special schools, “” to be deported. Despite constitutionally guaranteed equal opportunities and a discrimination prohibition secured the career of these children ends tends to be in sheltered workshops for disabled people. These children did not receive a state-guaranteed funding, so you would be the person. in the situation, on the basis of studies, a secure basis of existence.

It is the social power authorities tend to give priority to the saving or avoidance of costs, the destinies of the disadvantaged children is often secondary. Children with mental impairments and/or significant behavioural problems are at risk in an increased extent of suicide. Some of my young clients have committed in their desperation, Need & helplessness of suicide, risk of harm to others, and amok dangers have threatened or threaten currently. In addition, have been completely overwhelmed and the youth welfare offices in the abandoned parents in their way of life significantly impaired and the entire family was destroyed life!

It is the responsibility and obligation of the youth welfare office to fulfil the legal claims of seeking help and to keep the Well-being of disadvantaged children. With the implementation of legal claims associated high duties of office, the youth welfare offices do not meet often. Instead, young people learn already arbitrary authority, the child is probably too expensive!

It is one of the tasks and obligations of a lawyer, in the event of power by the state are exceeded, to protect his (young) clients and maintain these in particular, damage in the development of their personality. If a lawyer reprimanded addresses profound violations of fundamental rights to the detriment of minor children, in particular, compared with youth welfare offices and the government imposes a lens of arbitrary hurdles for thwarting of legal claims, it is ultimately no room for a lawyer diplomacy. In the fight for the right to the benefit of disadvantaged children's situations are – at least in the exception – to avert this drastic formulations displayed or unavoidable. Objectivity at any price? I say NO!

It is time to make the tend to be lens-arbitrary authorities structures, in particular, loads of young disabled people transparent. The child's well-being , human dignity and the prohibition of Discrimination must also be based on economic criteria. A social state is necessary to avoid arbitrary authority, arbitrary authority, no person needs! Therefore, I'm moving on Monday, 27.10.2008, particularly for young, disabled people in Oldenburg in court. It must change in our social state of law for the benefit of our children in dire need of some. We are all invited and obliged to protect the Well-being of our children, and to promote. I ask, therefore, the Public's sustained support for the purposes of the discharge of a much-needed process of change. sch

Alfred Kroll is a lawyer in Oldenburg, specializing in disability and social security law

  1. Note from 14.5.2009: for More information, see the press release Authorities arbitrariness and legal procedures

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