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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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[D+140] responsibility claim, a sense of community enable


Partner of the the German Federal initiative "Daheim statt Heim"

Call for solidarity, responsibility and civic Engagement, the reactivation of common sense, in challenging times of social upheaval

The Austrian Citizens ' Initiative “Home instead of home” calls on civil society, on the Basis of the healthy people and the house of wisdom, a reversal of the system of assistance to support needy people.

A caring society must perceive their responsibility towards the disabled and the elderly, the infirm, as well as to assistance and care of dependent people in a special way, without their fundamental rights.

In compliance with the overwhelming majority of social consensus – in the case of help and care, to not want to live in homes – must be necessary, a decisive rejection of aussonder institutional structures, the so-called “homes”. The help must come to the people where they want to live at home.

The independent, socio-political action calls on the basis of universal human rights, to guarantee the UN disability rights Convention, as well as the Constitution, the equality, fundamental rights and freedoms:

  • Warranty of the right to chance the same of life of people with support needs,
  • in the self-selected habitat and social environment, with self-determined, person-centred help, forms,
  • in the middle of the society, with equal rights to life, having, as other people do.

The Vision Statement the citizens action:

"The common goal of achieving a actually needs and needs-based care, care and living assistance in the respect of human rights and human dignity for all, as people show their solidarity with the right to claim" (in the Constitution).
This, exclusively to the needs of the Affected customized assistance, regardless of the age, the cause of the need for assistance and of the income and assets.

For more information on the Homepage of the Citizens ' initiative “the Home home” Austria:Daheim statt Heim

Ability to support statement: HERE

Current Newsletter from 8.2.2009: 2009-02-08_Daheim-instead-home-AT_Newsletter_2009-01.pdf

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