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19.03.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+150] struggle for human dignity (3sat-Doku)

The human rights activist Claus Fussek is fighting in Germany against the care - Economism in homes.
What is officially declared, euphemistically, as a “lack of Maintenance”, is, in his opinion, “really torture”!

TV-tip: Friday, 20.03.2009 12:00 to 12:30 (3sat)
Rebel of the Old – Claus Be struggle for human dignity
Documentation of Jo Frühwirth

Constantly the phone rings at Claus Fussek. Incredible stories from the Old - and nursing homes, he hears from patients who have located sore, from old people to drink little and slowly drying out, not to fresh air or tied to the bed can be fixed to English. For years Fussek against abuses of the fights in old people's homes. “If the people will be taken which Would, he ceases to live,” he says. What is officially declared euphemistically as a lack of Maintenance, is, in his opinion, “is actually torture”. Be charge: Of poor care, for example, a pressure ulcer and bedsores, is earning more than at their prevention. With his often polemical and sarcastic criticism, and its claims Claus Fussek is Attacked by a red cloth. For many residents, their families, and also the nursing staff, he is, by contrast, became the focal point when it comes to problems. From the Church, he is, because he can not understand what is happening even in Christian households. In Munich, he has set up a Nursing forum for members and professionals. The Bavarian Minister of social Affairs is often unofficially, to host, to learn about the mood at the base. Now Fussek also sits at the round table of the Federal Ministry for family Affairs and travels through the countryside, to promote a more humane nursing homes. Jo Frühwirth accompanied Claus Fussek in his volunteering to fight for the people more homes for the elderly, and shows with the example of a nursing home for difficult patients with dementia, that it often requires just a respectful attitude to the old people and a few good ideas to make a nursing home a home.

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In the network of care of mafia – Like with inhumane care of business” (by Claus Fussek and Gottlob Schober)
Well fed and clean? An old nurse is fighting against the health-care crisis” (by Brigitte Heinisch)

Lectures on the topic of Claus Fussek, Dipl. Sozialpädag. FH (Association promoting integration e. V., Munich), in the case of archived

Quality of life and care of vulnerable people in times of minutes care Would (pdf)
If you take a human being his Dignity, then he will cease to live! (pdf)
Minimum requirements for a decent level of basic supply, Claus Fussek (pdf)

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