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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

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27.07.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+280] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (4)

Care power of Chaos: institutions for the disabled and ‘Personal assistant’, not (yet) a contradiction.
Why the interest of representatives of disabled people, not with the ‘wolves’ should cry:

Not in the Economism trap: no Matter how big or small, “home” stays home!
The performance image of the individual “Personal assistance” should not be used with institutional support services in the so-called “homes” or Mini-stations, the alleged “residential communities” or mixed confused.

‘Personal assistance’ is a human right, ‘Personal Budget’ is a prerequisite, also in facilities
Only when a reversal of the “balance of power” – according to the Motto “he who pays the Piper” needs “Personal Budgets” of living people is quite standard, regardless of the (affordable and attractive Alternatives) freely chosen living - and support the form, there will be progress.

With resistance against the implementation of the CRPD is expected to continue to
In contrast, the sponsoring organizations of the “free” “welfare” and other alleged “special-Globetrotter” and incorrigible before mundungs-“ruminants” fight back for a while.1 We should not join, in my opinion, in which artificial noise, with the now of the complaisance and the opportunism of the last 16 years, compared to the economistic basic law, which denies Federal States to distract. I doubt if these organizations actually had the interests of its approximately 25,000 employees in the eye and have, let alone, the Befürsorgten of them“”.

Posting in Forum of BICEPS-INFO: 28. July 2009 At 01:07

Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian citizens ' initiative“the Home home” [URL removed, note.]

Source: BICEPS-INFO – Text: GREEN (27. As of July 2009)
Jarmer: disabled carers may be excluded from training
Green: nationwide uniform rules for personal assistance urgently needed

“In the amendment to the health - and sick care act, planned improvement for the professional groups in the area of Disability support and care are worked, would be an important step in the direction of quality assurance,” explains the disability spokesperson of the Greens, Helene Jarmer.
An extension of the group of persons that can complete the training module “support for the base supply,” would create important Standards in the field of personal assistance in Everyday life.

“The removal of this possibility from the novel complicates the lives of people with disabilities in need of personal assistance in everyday life, the area and the Situation of the disabled, companions and continue to be,” says Jarmer.

Similarly, the credit was deleted possibilities of your training for members of the social professions, who want to pursue an education in the field of health and nursing.

“The stone in time. A permeability in this area is long overdue,” says Jarmer, which calls for a uniform Federal rule for the area of personal assistance services in the leisure sector.

  1. The nursing profession, there will be little support for customization of support services!

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