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28.06.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+251] responsibility

Right to life and human dignity and respect – four examples of a short life
Responsibility: Eliot, 99 days to celebrate life

We live in a society, the unwanted children very often, life takes the right denies and may be disabled or severely disabled people, almost without exception, the life.

Four examples of a short life, as an “eye-opener”. What would you do?

  1. Child without a name lived 22 weeks (unborn), because of failure to take responsibility,
  2. Nigel Gubbels lived as a premature baby a few weeks until the decision is about life-and-death – of the predicted future quality of life made dependent on was like and the Treatment may be discontinued was,
  3. Elian only a few days lived with trisomy 18, until the life the end of the ventilation was turned off, where he maybe just a little longer support in the fight for Survival would have needed,
  4. Eliot lived 99 days, each day was celebrated as a gift ....

99 Balloons – Trisomy 18

Ginny and Matt Mooney learned before the birth of her son that would be born with a rare genetic syndrome, Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18). The Doctors said if it came to the birth, would not survive her son as a couple of weeks. The Couple decided to celebrate the short life of your child and to document. To date, more than two million YouTube visitors have viewed the video documentary about the short life of Eliot Mooney.

Eliot lived 99 days. At his funeral, friends and family 99 balloons could rise. One for every day he lived.

99 Balloons

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The Mooney in the meantime, have a daughter, Hazel. You say that you appreciate the time that you spent with your son.

Dear Eliot, Celebrating 99 Days Of Life

Watch on YouTube

Source: HWelt99 Balloons – Trisomy 18 (28.06.2009) Parents celebrate their son's life — all 99 days (24.06.2009)

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