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05.05.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+197] Constitution of the people would in the minds of

Anchoring the human dignity of the Constitution in the Austrian Federal –
a claim in search of the starting points for the necessary changes.

Dr. Franz-Joseph Huainigg, ÖVP speaker for people with disabilities, asked on the occasion of today's parliamentary commemoration against violence and racism, the anchoring of human dignity in the Austrian Federal Constitution .

This requirement is, of course – as a matter of course, you want to be fully support and it is also very surprising that this is not yet implemented. Each parliamentarian who is not a guarantee of human dignity in the Constitution, this is to justify the personal and the public!

Human dignity is the basic of human rights
Indirectly, Austria would be obliged, of course, for a long time, the protection of human dignity goals as one of the highest State to respect and guarantee, the General human rights has also recognized Austria 60 years ago, alone by the untouchable people would create, and only justifiable 1

Clarification of the rights in the UN disability Convention on the rights of
The man could, after 60 years of legal statement, obviously only a UN disability rights Convention, so that the companies may finally realize that the General human rights “also have” for disabled people, scope, and people have a legal claim to equality, participation and inclusion. This will now would finally be in the minds of the people - conscientious objectors in all of the plenary halls and the offices of the execution instances of leakage. Because “Part of no mercy, but a human right. Who refused to have a part, in breach of human rights ” (Hubert Hüppe, MdB). It is sad and indicative of the chronic ignorance of the Ruling (instead of Serving in the rights-Implement), that the obtaining of these rights, again fought so hard you must be .

Constitutional provisions on paper
The requirement for anchoring of human dignity in the Constitution is right in principle, but whether a constitutional amendment has the effect alone is something to be seen. The constitutional provision of article 7, that people should not be disadvantaged because of their disability in any area of life, is ignored by the Federal government, States and municipalities, even of the highest courts, for the last 12 years, and as a regulation slip-up. What can bring a constitutional sentence about “human dignity”, when the barriers in the mind are so attached to is strong and durable, such as the great wall of China?

Are we capable of learning?
Now that economic growth to maximize profits for an Elite and state of collective selfishness for the achievement of prosperity for the (democratic) majority of the population as a de facto primary state goal is nothing suitable, he may, although some Government leaders and industry captains in the backroom, but where it is after the great disillusionment long should it fall into your back rooms of Power, even in the dark.
The full respect of human dignity can put fellow human beings, each one, as a meaningful Maxim of social action – has what to contribute each man his individual responsibility, would the stalled carts. But currently, it is pushed further, deeper and deeper into the mud.

As the Real Constitution looks like in the minds
The human dignity of disabled people is not only increasingly in question, but freezing cold with my feet kicked. Two "small" examples of "grief" and "life worth living", which play on a daily basis, are some of the barriers in the minds of show:

When "Edwards Syndrome “ is the 18. Chromosome through Mutation an expert on the subject (trisomy 18), which usually leads to serious organic damage, and mental impairments. The starting basis with this rare chromosome specificity is much more difficult than, for example, in people with trisomy 21, with comparatively usually better forecasts (the prenatal suspected diagnosis, but it still means 95% of a death sentence).
Children with trisomy 18 will also be subjected to a thorough Ausselektierung ("eradication" is in the Thinking and language of the eugenics Economists still common today). Of the Few with T18, which may experience their birth, nevertheless, to die the Most due to Organ malformations in the first year of life. Only a few Sufferers reach the adolescent age. This high mortality is due to the fact that T18 is often a life-saving Operation – e.g., the heart will be failed, because it was supposedly "hopeless cases".
Half a year ago, Elian (Name was changed) with this "Edwards syndrome" to the world. The prenatal "Elimination" efforts of the medical apparatus, he escaped because the parents have decided, in spite of the knowledge of the safe disability, aware of his life and the challenging Parenthood. Due to a severe heart defect Elian could be after the early birth only by artificial respiration. To an OP that would be, at the earliest, to only think in a few months, even if its to have a generally improved condition until then. Elian fell, however, shortly thereafter, a second threat to the victim, which were not up to the parents, unfortunately, on the Part of the medical Profession in more subtle pressure on the parents was exercised, it would be hopeless, the Suffering should not be extended. After a few days, the life support artificial ventilation "off". Elian choked on 3.12.2008, the international day of people with disability, and at the specified time.

  1. How much longer is Elian would have been in his fight for Survival supported, if he had had a similar serious heart defect, but no trisomy was 18?
  2. What is the role of possible treatment costs in the medical consideration of "meaningful" treatments and "efficient" use of resources? Flow (vague) predictions or krause unworthy of Life - thoughts in the considerations?
  3. What is the medicine regulations for the border area between the responsibility to let the Dying "go" and the obligation to medical treatment? Are these adhered to?
  4. We are not dropped in the real Ethos of medical practice, similar to far, as in the Netherlands, where the "Euthanasia" is sanctioned newborn for years by law?

Tamea 2
The result of a traffic accident as a Baby, the severely multi-handicapped Tamea was taken as a small child in a foster family and about 20 years of by their foster mother well cared for and maintained. For half a year, she now lives in a disabled - residential community in Vienna. Three years ago, the accommodation Tameas in a similarly structured institution in lower Austria had to be cancelled after nine months, because of the care and support met the needs of Tameas 3
So it works in the new residential care better, had the mother tirelessly the staff of the Vienna-disabled-WG on all the details, which are to be observed in the care and maintenance of Tameas. This time it should work but better, for years she has waited for this living space.
A few months ago Tamea was scalded, and then (presumably gross) negligence on the part of one or two employees in the bathtub hard, so that she ended up in an intensive care unit and maintained on a then three weeks at home had to be. On the part of the handicapped supervisor has been given at the hospital: "then they rose in the bath water" (Anm.: It has, however, care level 7, i.e., no goal-directed movements are possible!).
Because of the serious injury came automatically to the display that gave it today (5.5.09) a police interrogation of a champion of Tamea. The police officer turned to survey the circumstances, to the extent that the (former) foster mother knew that, yet the "personal" question, whether it would have been better if Tamea would have died in your accident as a Baby ...

... forgive them, for they know how you think!

  1. See the study (PDF): Heiner Bielefeldt (2008): Human Dignity. The reason of the human rights German Institute for human rights
  2. The Name has been changed
  3. Against those of other disabled people - care facility in Kirchstetten (lower Austria) is determined by the way the Prosecutor's office already for over a year due to my Criminal charges for suspected "illegal nursing home operation" and the lower Austrian authorities can find simply no flaws.>

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