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28.11.12 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+1500] the main barriers to Inclusion and participation, rights of disabled and needy people

Squared perfidy: human rights treaties, ratify and implement the carryover with the law of title to justify.

What is the capital-disabilities, so the main obstacles to Inclusion, participation and self-determination rights, i.e., rights of the disabled and care of vulnerable people (and their families)?

The main causes of the Austrian implementation of denial and procrastination to the UN disability rights Convention, which have so far been barely addressed, if at all, never:

  1. The reason is quite loose and would loose Federal Constitution and the unwritten Eugen-economistic basic consensus. The dominant ideology of the devaluation is still the constitutional provisional and the Zeitgeist of 1920 due.
  2. The non-enforceability of human rights in Austria against state arbitrariness in the social sphere, both on the part of the people legally “illegal” in the law, as well as due to the marginal human rights awareness in the entire System, including the Supreme courts.
  3. The persistent human rights delinquency, the legislator in the Federal government and the länder, inter alia in the law, Finance and resources reserved for the hypocritical ratifications of international human rights treaties and the organized implementation of procrastination on all levels is manifested.
  4. The pluralistic human rights ignorance of the social bureaucracy, the administrative body, which systemic human rights crimes and misdemeanours, as well as structural, such as institutionalized injustice to the systematic neglect look casual, Entre tension directions, ill-treatment, abuse and torture as a minor offense, because they are, de facto, waterproof against law enforcement immune.
  5. The unspeakable to the most brutal application of the social assistance principle in human rights matter, so the people illegal enforcement of the principle of subsidiarity in the administration and orientation of supports on minimum standards and a people unworthy level just on the edge of the neglect, and the associated Neglect and discrimination, violence, Segregation, total entre tension directions and Exclusions as a means of first choice structural mass violence.
  6. The protectionist policy in favor of so-called “service providers”, thus the position of Quasi-monopolies, and that at least a cost doubling and therefore caused a halving of the total “benefits” for those Affected, and the Emergence of a diverse and flexible provider of landscape prevented.
  7. The indirect discrimination of nationals of the disabled and people in need of care by failure to observe the true performance of the Corporation by a cheap Boarding far below the value of the daily and decades of reliable services. This is due to untimely and life-long application of maintenance and support duties on disability follow. The people legally outdated rules come from centuries in which only very low life expectancies for the disabled.
  8. The real administrative action completion of the principle “stationary above ambulant” (contrary hypocritical political statements), by aussondernde special worlds and the disabled ghetto is a multiple of public funds is rates illegally verb, as how human rights-compliant, individually customized, person-centered and self-determined solutions will be used.

Spontaneous list without Any completeness, is already similar to the terms posted in these comments:

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