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04.11.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+15], ORF-topic

ORF-THEME: “the disabled helpers in oblique light”

The weekly TV-magazine of the ORF “theme” brings in one of the next broadcasts a post about the “Katja” from lower Austria.

Shipment information
“Theme” is broadcast on Mondays at 21:10 Uhr in ORF2. The broadcast announcement is a few days before the broadcast online A Europe-wide issue” to “ORF 2 EUROPE” (ORF 2E) is “via satellite can be received (Satellite Info). Repetitions in ORF2 (and ORF2E), respectively, on a row-Tuesday, 09:30 PM and also on “3Sat” on Tuesday at 11:05 PM (subject to program changes).

The Theme
It comes to (by the parents, foster parents, Katie's claimed and identified) insufficient organizational and personnel structures in care institutions for severely multi-handicapped people with explicitly high care needs, the consequences of the NÖ Supervisory authorities with this fact, are so “dealt with precarious care” for the patient, and how for years and more to deal with it.

The post was moved to one of the next shipments. The following announcement has already been pointed out on the post:
ORF 2 on Monday, 20.10.08, 21:10 PM, repeat on Tuesday, 21.10.08, 09:30 PM

Source: (available from 17.10. until Nov. and Dec. In 2008, subsequent note.)
Source: (available from 17.10. to 20.10.08, subsequent note.)


© ORF"You have thrown our severely handicapped foster daughter from today to tomorrow from the disabled device out, because we have required of you that you take care of the child properly", sue the parents of the 20-year Katja S. from lower Austria. For seven weeks, Katja S. was accommodated in a disabled residential community in lower Austria. Day-to-day, it was gone the girl worse, say the parents. "We assumed that what is in the contract with the facility, namely the fact that it specializes in care of multiple severely disabled people, the truth. But that was not so“. Katie's foster parents are reimbursed at the Prosecutor's office of St. Pölten display because of negligent bodily injury, due to commercial fraud and abuse of office. The Director of the institution says: "Katie's foster parents wanted to portray us as bad, in order to construct a damage case, to demand that the Land of lower Austria money". However, in the case of Katja. s. is not the only one that focuses on the disabled device in a skewed light. Zoran Dobric has researched.

Addendum on 24.12.2008:
The ORF-topic post was broadcast on 15.12.2008, here is a recording of the report:


Addendum on 29.12.2008:
Here is some background information:

ORF-theme from 15.12.2008, 21:10 Uhr, ORF 2 (repeat, 16.12.2008, 9:30 am) © ORF:

Addendum on 10.2.2009:
The recording of the 10-minute TV-report had to be due to a request from the ORF, in accordance with the copyright law, again from the website. ... read more ...

Addendum on 15.6.2012:
A recording of the ORF-topic contribution has recently been on a well-known Online Video platform available.

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  • Gerhard Lichtenauer

    Addendum on 10.2.2009 to the ORF-topic-review: 15.12.2008:
    The recording of the 10-minute TV-report had to be due to a request from the ORF, in accordance with the copyright law, again from the website.
    I, as publisher of this website, after discussions and correspondence with the theme of the editorial to be adopted (and, until recently, not awarded) indirect consent to the Online publication, was made clear by the ORF are now as a mistaken assumption on my part.
    It was founded so that Artists would be paid royalties from music accompaniment only for each public broadcast of the ORF. Therefore, other “acts of Exploitation are Offered” under the copyright law, § 15 and § 18a, thus a online position in the context of the Internet, media law with threat of punishment is inadmissible. Recordings of television programmes of the ORF "may not be available to the Public in a manner that these members of the Public from a place and at a time individually chosen by them".
    I come, therefore, the Injunctive relief of the ORF, and take up the recording of the TV-contribution of the website. I'll be writing in the near term, a written summary and a comment on this issue report and post here.
    The ORF - Online - offer the offers some in-house productions, such as the “Religion”- Editorsin the media archive, but not the topic of posts. A “Video-on-Demand” Service does not exist, unfortunately, for all the productions. Who wants to miss the issue - contribution from 15.12.2008 but can still see, service by Mail to the ORF video and a record of the contribution as a DVD purchase. If you are interested, also a new charisma in the could Theme-Editorial be excited, after all, there was neither a Contribution announcement before the broadcast, a contribution of note, at the beginning of the broadcast, as usual.

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