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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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17.07.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

Nope care model has “skeletons in the closet”

Posting in Forum of BICEPS-INFO to the article:
Huainigg: lower Austrian care model will be implemented Austria-wide ... Forum post (17.07.08) 17. July 2008 09:50 PM
Lower Austria, has taken the “promotion” of the 24-hour care for reasons of electoral tactics quickly before the NÖ-choice a actually a little better way. Now trying for the no-choice exploit. Lower Austria, but as an example of how to deal with people in need of care, will prove to be the “example par excellence” fatalster error. (

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