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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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13.07.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+266] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (2)

The organized care Chaos: institutions for the disabled as “illegal nursing home operation”!
The conditions under which Delegation of Nursing tasks would be justifiable?

Family communities are similar to small living as an alternative living to establish forms. If self-determined and self-concerned life in the own apartment would be actually impossible and/or there is an explicit desire for a community supported living form, can be such a projects is a good solution.
Note, however, that the real existing practice in such residential communities as well as the well-known Patterns before the mouth may correspond to, entre despised and segregating befürsorgung systems, as was experienced in the so-called “homes” often is.

Therefore, it is essential that the support managed services in such a – self – projects, individualized and the principles of the “Personal assistant”. In the case of limitations of own competence, to respecting the self-determination of Assistance users is perceived by legal representatives, parents or specially trained persons of trust.

Only under such conditions, the raised flexibility and Delegation of nursing activities to the individual needs of individual residents trained should be disabled helper is useful. In the case of high care of unemancipated persons need to have a sufficient nursing competency, authority and responsibility, however, is indispensable.

Posting in Forum of BICEPS-INFO: from the 13. July 2009

Source: BICEPS-INFO – 9. July 2009 ÖVP disabled spokesman franz-Joseph Huainigg calls:
... Principle of delegation of nursing activities to ensure disabled people live in family-like residential structures

... “Lucky to be able to home in family life, are not given, however, to all disabled people,” says Huainigg and calls for a necessary flexibility in the nursing practice in family-like small residential communities: “We want to get away from large institutional Care to group homes of four to a maximum of eight residents. While in large organisations, care and nursing staff are available around the clock, the in small, decentralized residential communities is not possible. Here, the anchoring of the delegation principle in the GuKG for certain maintenance activities is similar to the 24-hour care is necessary,” says Huainigg and explains further: “The, the disabled, people familiar with the disabled, carers should be able to perform after Training by a nurse specific care activities for disabled people – of course to a Person of limited and controlled”.

Disability managers should receive basic training in the GuKG-defined basic module basic care. Huainigg communities refers to the currently absurd situations of everyday life in assisted living: “for Example, a disabled person by trained and familiar with the disabled educators may be administered suppositories for constipation is not a laxative. This needs an extra get a qualified nurse. In addition to the temporal delay and the financial cost in addition, the intimate Eignriff is carried out by a completely strange Person. Even more incomprehensible this is, if you consider that the caregivers, in contrast to the trained disabled maintainer may carry out any maintenance activities”, criticised the ÖVP disabled spokesman.

He calls, therefore, according to the needs of disabled people-centred Change in the GuKG: “for The purposes of disabled people, occupational interests, set aside. Care professionals are desperately needed than ever, especially in the Training and control of maintenance activities”.

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