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07.10.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

Rett Syndrome

When seemingly healthy girl forget how to Walk and Talk – the insidious genetic disease Rett syndrome

In the current ‘mirror’ with the title: “The price of Arrogance – An economic crisis, the world is changing”

Titelblatt DER SPIEGEL 40/2008 'Der Preis der Überheblichkeit'

Title page of THE MIRROR, ‘The price of Arrogance’

... an article on Rett syndrome appeared. Source: THE MIRROR issue 40/ 2008 under the heading “MEDICINE”, page 132
SPIEGEL ONLINE:,1518,581413,00.html (29.09.2008)

When seemingly healthy girl forget how to Walk and Talk – the insidious genetic disease Rett syndrome
Seemingly healthy girl may suddenly stop talking, no more running, no longer grab: The Rett syndrome, an insidious genetic disorder that brings many parents to the brink of despair. Often, the largely unknown disease is diagnosed late or not at all. More ....

I agree with the following readers ' letter writer in full:

the contribution to the Rett syndrome is, in large Parts of reality, but it is much too one-sided in the dramatic States, and while the diagnosis in the foreground. The “normal” good times far outweigh missing, but in this report.
I would like to emphasize that (quote) "a daily struggle for a people not worthy of life" to our children in existing gene mutation, but by the arrogance and ignorance of the authorities and costs for carriers, who see people with severe disability usually only a care case, and a cost factor without (human)rights.
Anyone who makes the effort, the whole person and not just his so-called "severe intellectual disability" – to see, and who strives to understand the special language of these unique personalities will be rewarded with knowing and shining eyes and the most beautiful Laugh in the world.
With kind Regards,
Inge Rosenberg (mother of a 25-year-old daughter with Rett syndrome)

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