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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

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  1. 2014-04-03: Incitement and conspiracy to the home Treaty-breaking the law
  2. 2014-03-05: Norway: Personal assistance without discrimination?
  3. 2014-02-11: Feed-lethal Economy by Exit Option

Incitement and conspiracy to the home Treaty-breaking the law

Gerhard Lichtenauer : 3. April 2014 22:00 : Posts

In institutions for the handicapped “under placed” eighth-organized withholding of a civil contractual relationship, intentional that your Rights have been damaged.

I can be me, the fundamental criticism of Mr. Karl Stangl (see entries in the BICEPS-Forum: 1, 2. 3. 4, 5, 6 u. v. a. m., Anm.) just plug it in and say that he dissected the fine and just. It is, in fact, be regarded as grossly negligent and only as a deliberate violation of the law imaginable, such as on regulation and the administrative level, several Federal States for almost 10 years, the failure to respect the legally binding (Covenant)-Home Contract Law HVerGin force since 1.7.2004, is operated AND there is no resistance against it AND also all the control instruments of the Republic, as well as self-cleaning forces of justice to completely fail.

Bear the brunt of the legitimate citizens, which can cover their human rights and fundamental rights, who knows where passing. The countries to enjoy the freedom and feel and appear to be untouchable because of the Federal government in their persistent wrong care comment, and without resistance.

A failure on the part of the other. In conjunction with the human rights of illegal property, plant and Walter in the partnership law, as well as the ill-fated Alliance of the eugenics Economists syndicate and out of it, the control over the segregation and exclusion of industry-modernist failure propagates, is the country's sovereign konspirierend covered for embezzlement of nursing home agreements by facility operator, with the resulting damage to Affected in their fundamental rights and freedoms especially fatal.

Several countries are under reasonable suspicion of habitual incitement to tens of thousands of times breaking the law in their area of influence binding Federal law and continued disregard of the Federal legislature.

I appeal to the disabled, speakers of all political groups, to clarify the massive accusations. Perhaps by means of a parliamentary question to the consumer protection Minister, or the Minister of justice, because in order to test this people legally serious system defect not requested the Ombudsman's office took on the problem of how Mr. Stangl told already several times.

Home contract law (HVerG), nationwide entered into force on 1. July 2004.

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Norway: Personal assistance without discrimination?

Gerhard Lichtenauer : 5. March 2014, 17:47 : Posts

Norway is planning law to personal assistance, starting in 2015, hopefully without introducing new discrimination.

Does anyone know the details of whether the Norwegian design at the Swedish assistance-oriented model, or whether people with learning difficulties and those with sensory impairment or multiple disabilities people will be unlawfully excluded from personal assistance and, also, whether the assistance provider members of the Affected against foreign service providers will be indirectly discriminated against?

Further to the article: “Norway on the way to Personal assistance” in BICEPS INFO online and in the kobinet-Nachrichten.

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Feed-lethal Economy by Exit Option

Gerhard Lichtenauer : 11. February 2014, 16:45 : Posts

Life-threatening conflicts of interest because of the burden due to the cost of care

Posting as a response to the comment by user “The spring” in the BICEPS the Forum on the article by Mag. Marianne Karner: “Duration subject of Mortality”help” and no end in sight – The stone rolls. Euthanasia and the demise of the Human.

The reference to may the judgment be nebulized economic interests were liable to recourse is subject to the offspring of tiger is quite entitled to. This effect, but I think it's small compared to unpronounceable attempt of those who were meant to be the elimination of the “members recourse,” never.

The much talked about “kin's recourse” (from offspring to parents in the so-called “homes”) is still or again in Styria, relevant (with regard to Carinthia, I don't know). And even then, the extent of the cost is staggered participation in the income (without having access to the assets) of the offspring in the social (I still am for the abolition).

More serious is, in many cases, however, the by home costs of continuous and often rapid deterioration of a possibly existing estate (e.g. savings, property) to prospective heirs. Because the subsidiary obligation to take the power of the patient to and from their own income AND assets, with or without members of recourse. This creates much more of a fatal pressure, both to heirs, as to the future testator.

There is also a pressure on the life attributed to long for their disabled children assistance, and dependent parents or Spouses of the patient. For this solidarity to meet the financial support needs for care is not being considered at all.

Similarly, at the assisted living home, there is a deductible and self-performance for outpatient care, supervision, or assistance for elderly or disabled members in all cases 80 to 100 percent of the costs. This is not taken into account even in the case of social neediness, the reasonableness of the burden even close.

In the case of a legalization of the sick killing on request, or even gemutmaßtem will or suicide-aid Considerations of self-defence or emergency assistance prior to the destruction of the economic existence were in the house.

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