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21.04.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+183] EntHEIMlichung 3 - Must pay attention NÖ basic rights?

Nope guidelines, “Housing for mentally and multiple disabled people” and
“Policies for the implementation and promotion of personal assistant in the private sector”

Those who ignore the clear demands of the UN Convention on the rights of disabled people still violates universal human rights and undermines the rule of law. This is also valid for lower Austria.


  • Want to be of lower Austria to the social model region of Europe, by prohibitions of Discrimination in accordance The Federal Constitution Article 7, EC Treaty article 13, UN Convention on the rights of disabled people Article 19 of the u. v. a. fundamental rights and freedoms disrespected?
  • Why are the guidelines of the NÖ held for persons with a disability a secret?
  • Services may be of assistance to the disabled in front of potential beneficiaries is hiding and the “additions” be designed so that they can hardly be claimed?
  • The NÖ will help the disabled, performed in the impermissible arbitrariness and a conscious disregard of the Constitution by the provincial government of lower Austria, is a even?
  • It is allowed to continue, the lower Austrian provincial government in the social area of General human rights of disabled people and persistently disregard it?
Daheim statt Heim

Österr. Citizens ' initiative “the Home home”

Subject: To continue Urgenz my requests, whether the state of lower Austria, the fundamental rights of disabled people miss Mails from 15.12 may (. and 25.9.2008)
Date: Tuesday, 21. April 2009, 10:50
To: “The People's Lawyer Dr. Peter Kostelka”
CC: “Mag. Johanna Mikl-Leitner, NÖ social councillor”


To the AOB
z. Hd. Hrn. Dr. Peter Kostelka

Dear Dr. Kostelka,

on both of my below requests from 25.9. and 15.12.2008 I received so far, for seven and four months, no response or reaction.
Please inform me within the statutory period of time whether it be to check the pre-requests and when I a reply may be expected.1

With kind Regards,
Ing. Gerhard Lichtenauer
The Initiator of the Austrian citizens ' initiative “the Home home” [URL removed, note.]
Editor of the “Katja's Blog
T: 0699 12490010

PS: The requests were “Katja's Blog” published online:

Request from 15.12.2008 – “NÖ policies, “Housing for mentally and multiple disabled people” and “guidelines for the implementation and promotion of personal assistant in the private sector” (print)
Request from 25.9.2008 – “Has to hide the lower Austrian government?” (print)

Annex: Mails from 15.12. and 25.9.2008

  1. Addendum 24.4.2009: Today I received a call from a staff member of the Ombudsman's office, which apologised for the fact that the requests are gone in September and December 2008, unfortunately. In a detailed phone call, I began the monstrous dimensions of the “Economists syndicate,” to illuminate. The AOB will deal with the matter

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