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07.01.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+79] take responsibility

Yes, it's enough for a very long time! Also, the “noble restraint” is enough!
We need to take responsibility

A Federal nine-bananas, also known as the "banana Republic"

Posting in Forum of BICEPS-INFO to the article: Voget: “I mean, it's enough for a long time!” (Text p. u.) 7. January 2009 At 14:56
Yes, it's enough for a very long time! Also, the “noble restraint”, since about 15 yearsthat is enough! We need to take responsibility.
pluralistic ignorance” the ruthless responsibility objectors and nice speakers must no longer be passively tolerated. “nine-headed Hydra“ in the mud federalist swamps your victim devouring a must decisive battle to be announced! (

Posting in Forum of BICEPS-INFO to the article: Radical rethinking would have to follow (Text p. u.) 7. January 2009, 11:27 PM,lang,1/oid,19855/ticket,g_a_s_t 07.01.2009, 11:51
Take responsibility
Yes, “on paper” Much seems to be in order and Those who decide on this “paper”, not cares, for others to decide on this “paper” .... !
All these high-sounding laws, the claim that they would bring equality of opportunity and deprivation of freedom for disabled people, is to be added, in all honesty, the footnote: “It is only because of the people reassurance, of fine appearance and external effect, it is not all meant to be. Everything is of course under a Budget Proviso, is subjected to the current political will, and current priorities and is ultimately subject to the arbitrariness of the investigating office. Blessed, who know the right people, just need a Polish benefactor of images”.
Enough of the lip service, of your deeds you will be measured! Your arrogance and ignorance towards human dignity and human rights stank so mightily to heaven, that it was no longer there to endure. Down here must be something mucked out! (

Source: BICEPS-INFO (07.01.2009), source: kobinet-nachrichten (04.01.2009)
Radical rethinking would have to follow
People with disabilities are marginalised in Germany and in special schools are not deported.
The German news magazine “Spiegel writes,” on 5. January 2009 to the date of entry into force of the CRPD, the United Nations, “to a radical rethink”. However, the Federal government signalled, in the four-page report by Ulrike Demmer, everything should stay the way it is. Theresia Degener is quoted with the words: “The Federal government will have to make ashamed in the corner.”

Who visited in Germany, the special school, had lost his chances to a degree practically, the mirror author: “In this school, which today is called school reach 0.2 percent of all students graduate from high school. 77 percent of them do not get the main school graduation. One reason: The exchange of the conveying - in of the rule for school is how never. Who graduated from the special school can look forward to a professional life in the sheltered workshop.”

On the paper bills is a very disabled-friendly country. In the past few years, a number of which are been passed to the dulcet tones of laws. It is a disabled people is the equality act, the General equal treatment act and the code of social law with the number IX of a set of rules, promises self-determination and participation. Also in the basic law, the rights of Disabled people are enshrined in the meantime: “no one shall be disfavoured because of disability”, since 1994, in article 3, paragraph 3.

“Every single one of these laws could mean a paradigm shift. However, the regulations remained a lip service. Anyone who violates these laws, has little fear of sanctions. Who wants to rely on them, can assert its own interests only rarely,” said the mirror.

The news magazine has damaged in Theresia Degener, law Professor, expert on disability rights and self-thalidomide, which sees the Convention as a “milestone” for people with disabilities: The law will unleash a wave. “For the first time, there will be an international legal Committee of twelve independent experts, a Supervisory body, anyone who feels discriminated against, can call.” The panel could speak no judgment, grants the right to a lawyer. Degener builds but on the external effect of the law, because the experts will show to the public the Finger on the responsible government. “Mobilisation of Shame” is called the human rights expert. The United Nations would have international already made good experiences with this Form of sanctioning. “The Federal government will have to make ashamed in the corner.”

As the Federal government Commissioner for matters relating to disabled people took office three years ago, was shocked by the social-democratic deputies“”: “In all areas of life, people with disabilities are disabled and ignored,” says Karin Evers-Meyer. In the gastronomy about could be accessibility. Pubs with a ramp and disabled toilet are a rarity, menus in Braille at all is a rarity. Who wants to drive a wheelchair, ICE, is in an embarrassing procedure by means of a hydraulic lift to the level of the high speed train pumped. Only a fraction of all television broadcasts will be translated for the deaf captioned or interpreted into sign language.”


Source: BICEPS-INFO (Text: Martin Ladstätter · created 1. January 2009)
Voget: “I mean, it's enough for a long time!”
The President of the ÖAR and the ÖZIV shows in a comment in ÖZVI Info 4/08, such as disabled people for years, money will be withheld. In 2009, it should change his opinion.

“An election campaign, were decided in the last-Minute expenditure for the Budget in the billions – 120 million of which was attributable to the care sector. A global financial crisis, in which the state feels obliged to billion euros to rescue the banks and to avoid the recession locker. By the way, will probably put another 500 million on the sale of the AUA course and 450 million for the rehabilitation of ’sick funds’ ...”

“Strange Appearance”
For him a “strange look”, he says and adds: “for Years we have tried, in vain, a valorisation of care money to enforce, and were always put off with the need to consolidate the budget with our concerns indefinitely.”

In other areas, it was similar to the first. “For more than 20 (!) Years we lag behind an adjustment to the disability-related tax allowances are unsuccessful.” Always the Argument was, “there was no money in the Budget”, and now “all at once billions are conjured up amounts from the Sleeves, without such an Argument would have been to hear,” Voget upset.

In 2009, again, no money available?
He expected also in 2009, again this Argument is to hear is the opinion, “that the time in which we have practiced in noble restraint, it must be over”, he announces and reminds: “It is not enough meant before the election a politician, I mean, it's enough for a long time!”


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