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07.07.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+260] All of Our responsibility to love in truth and in justice

Encyclical letter CARITAS IN VERITATE
about the holistic development of the people in love and in truth

Actually, the circular on issues of social responsibility of Prof. Dr. Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) in the previous year should appear ...

But then came The crisis“:” On 15.09.2008, the global Casino was blown up. The house of cards the financial world collapsed, the world economy has since been ripped in the Domino effect with in the abyss. It is not the crisis of the financial world and the economy, which robs us of the breath, but we're starting to get the consequence of human hubris to feel, give and others, depended excessively on the top of the lack of responsibility-driven, delusional to the quick riches, ill-informed way, that we're all in the same boat. One aspect of this (still) ongoing ruthless Megalomania is that the needs of the help were in need of being sacrificed on the Altar of economic upswing and prosperity of society.
In many ways, the year 2009 is a year of choices. Whether the decades-long
Irresponsibility that led to the edge of global collapse, is simply extended, so
trying to continue to putty the cracks kitten to the collapse of the
global economic and social fabric, something to delay, or whether the Crisis as an opportunity for a fresh start, a responsibility society is taken?

The Encyclical “Caritas in Veritate” (lat. “Love in truth”) had to be rewritten and was published today by the Vatican.

The subject of the circular on the holistic development of the people of the importance of truth and justice, anchored in love, in responsibility, is full of social Action for the common good of all people. It is an appeal to the governments and all the people, the Dignity of the human person at the centre of all personal and social action.

The current economic and financial crisis have made it clear that current ideas need to be reconsidered. The meet for the industrial countries as for the developing countries. You have to examine which values and rules for a new model of development were required, it would still carry more in line with the requirements of solidarity and the respect of the people.

The States should agree on a business ethics, a global “political authority” to oversee.1
The world economic crisis could only be in the spirit of solidarity and truth to overcome. Because “without truth, without trust and without love for the True” there would be “neither social Conscience and social responsibility”.

The chapters of the circular:

  1. The message of Populorum Progressio2
  2. The development of the people in our time
  3. Fraternity, Economic development and civil society
  4. Development of peoples, rights and obligations, environmental
  5. The cooperation of the human family
  6. The development of peoples and technology

Dr. Ratzinger has formulated a number of valuable claims, the implementation is a major challenge to the whole of civil society.
In the morning, the beginning of the end G-8 Summit in L'aquila (Italy) will hopefully arm some of these important Appeals in the heads of the most important economic and States “leakage“.

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Download the Encyclical “Caritas in veritate” (in German) as a printable version (PDF): caritas_in_veritate-dt.pdf

Download (PDF, 443KB)

  1. For the excitation of a “global political authority”, I am very skeptical.
  2. Encyclical letter “Populorum ProgressioPaul VI on the development of peoples (1967). The German Text of the Encyclical on the website of the University of Innsbruck

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