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14.09.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

Nursing care reform part 2: misuse of maintenance money? There are actually!

A repeatedly raised accusation that the backfire!


  • The lack of demand is the cause of under-supply and THE severe abuse of the care allowance in the amount of Billions!
  • The needs help the most needy have been sacrificed on the Altar of economic upswing and prosperity of society.
  • A consequence was and is the structural discrimination and exploitation of the care-giving family members, which defies any and all social achievements.
  • Systematic misuse of the allowance for the exclusion and heteronomy leads to the social segregation of the Affected and the Afflicted!

NR-Abg Dr. Franz-Joseph Huainigg, ÖVP speaker for people with disabilities, presented in the three weeks leading up to the no-choice on 28.09.2008, at its Homepage 21 positions, demands and requests to the disability policy.

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Item 8: care of the money as the money power get! ... [Part 2] (original text see below)

To The Question:

*** Again and again, the care allowance, the allegation of abuse. This is entitled? ***

This to call again and again, to the part of care providers and also of politicians (in the absence of concrete cases), the collected charge according to the pattern "grandson drives a BMW with the care of the money of the grandfather"has been refuted in studies is sufficient. Even if it were the case that, for example, the daughter-in-law cares for the grandpa for free grandpa and the care of money donated to the grandson, that would be not a misuse of the care allowance.

It may perhaps give some, very few cases of care neglect. Here would be to differentiate whether the lack of satisfaction of needs of the care allowance (which is only to be seen as a “contribution” to) cause the supply. So who is to blame if the needs can't be met?

To all that want to try again once the Argument of “abuse of the care allowance“ to the creation of a conversion in kind, to heart, this particular case of alleged nursing neglect at the Social or health authorities. In the BPGG § 20 replacement of cash benefits by benefits in kind for these cases is provided. This was probably applied never. Why, also, extremely vulnerable, not would, in fact, there is a greater supply then the fact that for this conversion, more money than the appropriate level of Care available (I have officially PG - experts from the Ministry of social Affairs), and only a fraction of the power required could be covered. This section 20 by the way is a point in my evidence collection to the charge of the o. g. maintenance money - thrillers.

But there is actually a serious abuse of the care allowance in the amount of Billions! The care allowance is the Intention of the legislature, and the necessary home care order (section 1 of the BPGG)!. Political promises in the introduction, to develop the care money and to increase annually more than the rate of Inflation, were shamefully broken. The needs of the most in-need with the weakest Lobby of the because of the gagging of the EU stability Pact (Maastricht criteria) in the last 14 years on the Altar Prosperity sacrificed.

A result, and the structural discrimination and exploitation of the care-giving family members, which defies any social achievements left, to heavy commercial fraud through institutional inpatient and outpatient care systems, which evolved as a docile lackeys of the Economy in the countries of the abuse. Carers who receive nearly the whole of the care system, far beyond all limits of their endurance, upright, stay on track and be disposed of together with the Affected society.

The failed development of the Austrian care allowance system, based on human dignity minimum standards and unbearable personal emergencies in the inpatient and outpatient System (politically desirable, encouraged, and covered by the countries) and systematic misuse of the allowance for the exclusion and heteronomy, rather than the legally required inclusion and self-determination, established the following downsides:

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Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian Citizens ' Initiative “Home instead of home” and Katja's Blog (

Original text to FJH21_14 -source: (14.09.2008)


What is the care brings money to the Affected? Self-determination and choice! The Austrian care allowance system is a milestone of Austrian social policy. Affected get the money in Hand and can decide who will look after them, when, where, how. Therefore, the care should remain money as money performance received no benefits in kind can be converted, as it is requested from the SPÖ. This would result in strong relationships of dependence.
On 1. In July of 1993, 15 years ago, so have to be taken into the care of money-the law in force. Currently, there are around 400,000 care allowance Recipients. In view of the demographic development, we urgently need a further development of the system, in order to secure this for the future. Sense this is a care, in my view, the Fund, as Vice-Chancellor Molterer is proposing. But you will read more tomorrow! Before the elections, on 28. September should be decided on an increase of care allowance: cash benefits are increased on a sliding scale. The care of money of levels one and two will be increased by four percent, that of the steps three to five to five percent, and that levels six and seven to six percent. In addition, people with dementia persons is taken into account in the classification of a hardship allowance. Severely disabled children and young people up to the age of seven will be awarded an additional lump sum value of 50 hours, up to 15. Age 75 Hours. Also, an increase in the funding for the 24-hour care at home, as well as the General elimination of the asset limits in this area were agreed. In order important demands of the ÖVP can be implemented!


Again and again, the care allowance, the allegation of abuse. This is entitled?

What further developments, it needs the care of money system? It is in view of the demographic development in its current Form continues to be financially viable?

Can and in-kind services to Supplement the care allowance system?

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