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01.07.12 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+1350] responsibility for the organized System affliction

Commission of the offence due to systemic omission must be moved from the ‘Blind spot’ in the ‘focus’

“Public Hand” in handcuffs

The eagle is a common heraldic animal, in order to give the sovereignty and authority of the state of expression. The robbery can claw animal as a Symbol of the Executive authority of the state. The state's monopoly of violence is not justified by the law of the strong, but to the primacy of the Right bound. Otherwise, despotism, instead of the rule of law would rule and the territorial authorities into enforcers of state violence. But there has to be eagle eye, nothing escapes, especially the not, is the responsibility of what is one's own responsibility.

Plenty of too late but at least, with today's date (1. July 2012) in the course of a (partial)implementation of the UN-Optional Protocol to the Convention optional Protocol against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (in short: 1) AOBHuman rights house of the Republic of“ the protection and promotion of human rights committed2.

From now on, it is not possible to inspect only the judicial and criminal law enforcement and police work by an independent body on human rights violations, but to counteract all the other special worlds potentially inhuman treatment, such as psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes and facilities for the disabled, in order to unlawful restriction of Liberty, deprivation of rights, humiliation, degradation, endangerment, torture, exploitation, violence and abuse.

The soon to be “grow Into” in a “new Amtsverständnis” and the “new role of the human rights house of the Republic” is expected to be of the Persecuted, the real care and disability policy eagerly 3.

A Downer remains that there is still no independent control of the Jurisdiction. But it may be hoped that by the reorientation of the AOB together with your store of Knowledge about the Legion of omission, offenses, and failures of the Austrian government, as well as the expertise of the new human rights directed commissions of the above-mentioned “Eagle eye” only on the impact of inhumanity, but also to structural, systemic, organizational, and human rights - “illegal”-legal reasons, so the organized System infirmity legislative origin under the magnifying glass is taken and the legislature at Federal and länder level by the new Institution in the future, most extensively about the human rights act needs to be informed.
Without the system to detect failure, the human rights development in Austria continue to be mere cosmetics!

Abuse and ill-treatment by omission4

In the case of the current misuse and act in cases of Abuse, it still goes to the tip of the iceberg. That's kind of all still writable, sometimes there are witnesses who dare to speak perhaps, the Tortured Express themselves. Eerie chasms of darkness, however, if these criteria are not (or no longer) apply.

I speak of physical and psychological torture by neglect and omission of people who do not have the ability to communicate and their damage to the Psyche and health to the violent death in our country absolutely no one of interest, not even the so-called “justice”.

Many of these States are not like just on and to return to the cruelties of individual persons, but eugenic and economic tables origin of the whole of society and of the state, so they have systemic causes, its victims were also the perpetrators.

For the true 'polluter pays' through ignorance and intent, I leave no presumption of innocence apply! Because in our legal system – the on a-free and basic-rights-less Constitution a provisional measure is established for these crimes against humanity a “blind spot” before I throw, therefore, also to nobody in particular, a criminal offence and could, therefore, be against possible slander accusations immune to it.

The taboo and the wall of silence to be breached systemic human rights violations in so-called “homes” through “recognized” institutions?

Systemic violence by state omissions5

I'm just shocked once again by the collection of systemic state violence, experienced a family with a disabled child on the part of country authorities and “recognized” institutions and experienced.

Where? This time not in lower Austria or Vienna, where discrimination System and to cover through illegal Logistics still tries to be, but in upper Austria, where, in spite of an alleged “equal opportunity law” and “anti-discrimination policies,” the concentrated ignorance, Quadra dotted inability to support denial and infringement of official duties on a family with a child with special support needs.

Officers of the Austrian länder the Commission of the Offence by omission is guilty. Horrible Offense against humanity, committed, and organized to find the forces of the State in our basic law-less and dignity-less Republic.

How long is this impotent rage must be endured?

Care emergency is a crime of calculation!6

Is concealed, the glaring health-care crisis is a common cause for human rights violations, damage to Health, serious body injuries (some resulting in death).

The nursing shortage and the resulting care neglect is not an unavoidable force majeure or natural disaster, but the exercise of violence by ruthless calculating people. The nursing shortage is a result of targeted of eugenic Commodification and precarization of the support care of vulnerable people requirements.

From the policy-makers and institutional this system are committed to executors of acts of violence and crimes against humanity, with intent or, at least, tacitly. In order to make the measure of the enormity of the full, to be covered unbearable States of Supervisory authorities and courts. People this of state, are show.

For “chronic care deficiencies” and “nursing care deficiencies” must Responsible to be urgently held to account, before any more damage is done. The nursing shortage is taken from the lower fiscal motives, it is a crime of calculation!

Responsibility for care neglect7

Systemic care neglect, in the case of helpless and defenseless people (in particular, without Expression), torture and crimes against humanity. Politicians and public officials, the basic consensus of the eugenic Economism, following the fiscal environment and the fact create a base for the crisis in care, as pioneers, instigators, accomplices and abetting the perpetrator for all ensuing crimes, Misdemeanors and penalties, the consequences of responsible and to make responsible!

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