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05.01.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+77] responsibility to show

State laws are immediately to the The UN disability rights Convention adjust
Country-principalities may Human rights do not continue to freely ignore

A Federal nine-bananas, also known as the “banana Republic”

In Austria, the disabled persons Convention on the rights of the United Nations was already on 26.10.2008. As with the decision of the UN Convention by the General Assembly of the United Nations two years ago, on 13.12.2006, so also now, there is a large part of the radio silence in politics and the media on this groundbreaking international break a legally binding contract. Only to the signing of the Treaty in the UN headquarters on 30.3.2007 by the then Austrian Minister for social Affairs Buchinger, the “gloss power” of Austria, the world's first was to be a signatory to, media attention. This “pioneering role” happened to be conditionally alphabetically.

In Germany, the UN Convention will take effect after ratification by the German Bundestag on 4.12.2008, and the Federal Council decision of 19.12.2008 with the beginning of the year in 2009.1

This world's for disabled people essential important human rights document has the potential for innovationto overcome the existing unlawful discrimination on the basis of disability in a committed implementation process to a large extent. Discrimination of disabled people takes place not only in developing countries, as our politicians represent attempts, but every day in our (supposedly) highly developed “welfare States” in Central Europe.

By “illegal laws” (engl. “unlawful laws”) find (up to the highest courts ignored) basic law instead of inflections, if disabled people, for example, be directly or indirectly forced to live in special facilities to work, or formed to be in society, in daily life, communication and culture are marginalized. Affected family members are also at a disadvantage compared to nationals of non-disabled people in their economic existence seriously.

The binding contractual obligation, in particular, the state governments, the Central part of the realize of people with disabilities in education, work and society. The implementation is because of the federalist fragmentation of sovereignty, powers and competences in the assistance to the disabled and social area in front of great challenges. The implementation of the UN Convention is a Human rights Test for the rule of law.

In Germanyas in Austria, the importance and consequences of this international Convention is trying to play on the rights of persons with disabilities tricky. This ranges from the tendentious weakening of the Translation of the text of the contract up to official statements, to meet the requirements already what is far from the experienced reality of people with disabilities.

A key UN Committee, as well as national monitoring bodies, the so-called “Monitoring Points” for the implementation of the CRPD, have the important task is to expose such fallacies, and the responsibility.

Posting in Forum of BICEPS-INFO to the article: “Monitoring Committee in Austria, selects Chairman 5. January 2009 At 14:50
Mag. Schulze, and I wish you much wisdom, the assets necessary toughness, and enforcement, the monitoring Committee can be an effective monitoring tool. The UN disability rights Convention needs to be rapidly filled with life. Habitual, because everyday human rights violations in the field of Disability demonstrated to the public and denounced.

It is not just a “blind spot” of politics and administration, the it to illuminate, but a deep-seated, conscious Refusal to be drawn against the UN Convention on the storm Luggage field has to be!

In the States of denial, and complete ignorance still prevails in the UN Convention in detail for the disabled, formulated human rights.

Particularly noteworthy is the area of the institutionalised system of assistance – the so-called “homes” – what the v. a. people with severe disabilities for life are inter-urged ned to life, which is clearly against the freedom and fundamental rights of the universal human rights, as well as the prohibition of Discrimination in article 7 of the Federal Constitution.

Fundamental rights and freedoms of the last 60 years, a valid “General human rights” – as they were now confirmed by the new UN disability rights Convention, of course, also for the disabled people – are immediately implemented. The (state)government(s) are still acting as they should about the a long time, ignoring and legal claims continue to arbitrary acts of Mercy replace. The Constitution guardians are challengedto provide quickly for clarity. You included, however still, this Wetlands dry-lay ( ).

Source: BICEPS-INFO (Text: Martin Ladstätter · created 31. December 2008)
Monitoring Committee in Austria, selects Chairman
To Monitor compliance with the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in Austria, an independent monitoring Committee had to be set up. Chairman was Like. Marianne Schulze.

The Signal could not be better: On human rights day, on 10. December, met the Austrian monitoring Committee to its first meeting.

Compliance with the human rights monitor
“The monitoring Committee is a UN Convention designated body, compliance with the Convention prescribed human rights for people with disabilities in Austria monitored,” says May, the human rights expert. Marianne Schulze, compared to BICEPS INFO.

The Committee will document, therefore, its activities and write a report to explain the Situation in Austria is clear. “First of all, some formal tasks are to be fulfilled, to adopt a rules of procedure”, shall designate the Chairman of the next steps and adds: “in Parallel, the Committee will create a programme of work in the common main areas of work are decided.”


  1. Addendum on 24.3.2009: The UN disability rights Convention will take effect in Germany is now definitely on the 26. March 2009 (the date of entry into force, it was the turn of the year a little lack of clarity).

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