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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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20.10.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+365] care law, state of emergency meets the legal care of a state of emergency (1)

An uncomfortable criminal proceedings, waiting for orders from above, whether it can come before an independent court.
Beaches fact for the country sovereign care-Economization landed four months ago in the BMJ - instruction Department. Then the credibility crisis of the judiciary.

"Öffentliche Hand" in Handschellen

"Public Hand" in handcuffs

What time is the click of handcuffs for the “Public Hand”?

My criminal complaint dated 4.4.081 due to illegal care Marketization in the renowned/n home for the Disabled/s for over four months2 since August, the headlines obscure3 Ministry Of Justice-Instruction Department.4

It comes to health damage and endangerment of minors by illegal nursing home operation, which amtsmiss important by several of the lower Austrian state departments, initiated, funded, and has been covered and will be.

Even the obligatory presumption of innocence applies as a matter of course for all the persons involved, the authorities and their official duty fulfillment is ultimately responsible for the administration of justice.

For More Information: [D+1] SN-article: allegations against nursing home

[D+70] responsibility Care of termination on the part of disabled - care facility to draw attention to deficiencies. Incidents in a facility in lower Austria to deal the Prosecutor's office

[D+300] care crisis 2.0 – the regulated Chaos (8) The “legislative crisis in care“: federalism crisis and challenge of the rule of law. In The Right State Of Austria (?) would have to click for the “Public Hand” long ago, the “handcuffs”!

  1. Criminal case (case number GZ 9 St 136/08 t) in relation to a suspicion of abuse of office (see several lower Austrian state departments in the area of “health and social”) and for assault, neglect and endangerment of minors maintenance of minor (recognized by the disabled-care facility)
  2. The street fact with the “project report” of the Prosecutor's office of St. Pölten was from the top of Vienna state Prosecutor's office with the file number 1 OStA 1199/09 h (dated 10.6.09, released 16.6.2009) Abbot's decision to the Ministry of justice. IV forwarded.
  3. Since the publications in the “Butterfly” by the journalist Florian Klenk in his series of articles “In accordance with the instructions of the bag” criticism of the rule of law is at least questionable instructions from the Ministry of justice proposes to high waves. From the former President of the national Council Andreas Khol (ÖVP), was expressed to this crisis of justice: “The level of trust in the judiciary is shaken. There is a need to reason, therefore, for change put make – up is not enough” (source: Die Presse, 24.8.2009). This practice is now referred to openly by the NR members of the Green party, Peter Pilz, as the “ÖVP-request concert” (source: Die Presse, 2.10.2009).
  4. This I learned from phone calls on 19.10.09 with the StA of the St. Pölten OStA Vienna and on 20.10.09 with the head of the instruction Department in the Federal Ministry of justice, Senior public Prosecutor Dr. Robert Jirovsky.

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