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28.10.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+8] Diffuse Fronts

Diffuse fronts in a apart up to the basic rights of needy people

Who is on which side?

Reader's letter “Motives of the lawyer chamber?” in the KOBINET - Forum – 28.10.2008, 12:14

Motives of the lawyer chamber?

I agree with the factual assessment by the lawyer Gunther Marko (see below).
Furthermore, I place on the edge of the “in-kind statehood bid”, the following Suggestive questions:

  • Was worried the stand representation, in fact, the culture of care?
  • What are the interests pursued by the lawyer's chamber, to a courageous colleagues a leg?
  • What Einflüsterer could it have given?

It surprises me not at all, but very affected, it makes me, which fronts reveal on this example.

Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian citizens ' initiative “the Home home” [URL removed, note.] and Katja's Blog (

Source: kobinet-nachrichten 27.10.2008 – 19:15

Important victory for attorney Kroll

Oldenburg (kobinet, The bar Association has today adjourned a against the Oldenburg-disabled-lawyer Alfred Kroll scheduled decision because of alleged violations of the principle of Objectivity. The presiding judge, the bar Association immediately turned to the beginning of the hearing to the Prosecutor-General and pointed to a recent decision of the Federal constitutional court dated 15.04.2008.

It says: “With a view to the freedom to choose an occupation reduction can be at the end of Statements, which emits a lawyer in connection with his profession, and of permissible criticism, only an occasion for professional legal measures, if special circumstances occur. This is the case, if the Reductions are to be judged according to the content and the Form as criminal offences, without the perception of justified interests covered. In addition, the objectivity is violated commandment when a lawyer is unprofessional, by spreading either falsehoods or a legal dispute by way of a next to the thing Reductions charged to have given to which other Participants or the course of the Proceedings no reason (see BVerfGE 76, 171 <193>).”

The Vice-President of the German bar Association, Dr. Rembert Brieske, of Bremen, had spontaneously says a legal defense before the bar Association, and Kroll today in Oldenburg, represented by a lawyer. He pointed with reference to the above decision of the Federal constitutional court called to the fact that the Kroll from the social service authorities provided clients with cases in inseparable connection with many other cases, the youth and social services offices have seen and in the local procedure had to be introduced, wherein, the workup of these cases would take some time. The bar Association was followed by the secret advice of the excitation of the defender and has postponed a decision.

“The result of today's session shows, in my opinion, positive trends are such that social service authorities to be able to turn off a dedicated and uncomfortable lawyer does not – as well – thought-so easy. The freedom of the legal profession in the sense of an effective representation of the interests under the protection of article 12 GG. The independence of lawyers, in particular under the aspect of an activity as an 'Organ of justice' has today achieved an important stage victory in the fight for the right. The Belief in the rule of law has increased to the present day. I personally am delighted, and my disabled clients, hopefully,” said Kroll tonight to kobinet. sch

Letter from Gunther Marko on 28.10.2008, 11:44
Breach of duty of the bar Association
The bar Association has failed, apparently, already in the run-up in their property as the authority “ex officio” and duty the occasion of the lawyer according to the to carefully examine his alleged “gaffes”. Then the invocation of the General instead of the attorney would have with the target of the initiation of a lawyer-of-court procedure, in all likelihood is unnecessary. The lawyer would very much have a lot of damage saves. He should, if he can emotionally be at all capable of it, not superior, whether he claims damages. The bar Association should set up may be superior, in terms of personnel completely new, as apparently unsuitable persons “have been at work”.
Lawyer Gunther Marko, D-72172 Sulz am Neckar, 28. October 2008

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