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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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Feed-lethal Economy by Exit Option

In the case of a legalization of the sick killing on request, or even gemutmaßtem will or suicide-aid Considerations of self-defence or emergency assistance prior to the destruction of the economic existence were in the house. [... more]


[D+260] All of Our responsibility to love in truth and in justice

Encyclical letter CARITAS IN VERITATE on integral human development in charity and truth. Actually, the circular would have had to appear on issues of social responsibility of Prof. Dr. Joseph Ratzinger in the previous year. But then The crisis came, the Encyclical had to be rewritten. The subject of the circular on the holistic development of the people of the importance of truth and justice, anchored in love, in responsibility, is full of social Action for the common good of all people. [... more]


Palliative care study: euthanasia in the case Concerned not an issue

The current study refuted the alleged desire of seriously ill patients to assisted dying: With good care, almost no one wants to the respondents at the end of life “euthanasia”. Also, a vast majority is in favour of a care (and Die) at home. The call to care for creation in so-called “homes” around the real needs of affected people. [... more]


[D+197] Constitution of the people would in the minds of

Anchoring human dignity in the Austrian Federal Constitution – a requirement on the search of the starting points for the necessary changes. The human dignity of disabled people is not only increasingly in question, but freezing cold with my feet kicked. Two "small" examples of "grief" and "life worth living" for illustrative purposes. [... more]


Right to life strengths, a ban on active euthanasia consolidate

Euthanasia of severely disabled Unborn and the newborn is already cruel reality. In Austria, there are, up to the birth – in the Netherlands already after birth – legal killings of children because of their disability! The TV-documentary “preemie, between life and death” played down active euthanasia through deliberate blurring of the boundary zone between the fight and Absprechens of the right to Life because of a supposedly lack of “life is worth Survival”. Not only a ban, many measures are necessary, further Dam breaches against the protection of the inviolable Dignity of the life to prevent. The right of disposal over the life is not for Anyone – even yourself – except for the life-giver! [... more]


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