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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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10.07.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+263] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (1)

Short-sighted professional interests of the nursing profession “against disabled people”?
Institutioelle facilities for the disabled recognized the carrier as “illegal nursing home operation”?

According to a press release of the Lebenshilfe Austria (OTS0230 9.7.2009, see also below) reveals the organized care Chaos as a result of long years of repression and ignorance, but due to the Federal competence - fragmentation in the areas of care/health and disability help/social issues between the Federal government and the länder.

What is the way out of the Dilemma would be in the interest of needy people with a disability?

Posting in Forum of BICEPS-INFO: 10. July 2009 24:00 PM

The opinion that the health Ministry would be headed by “short-term professional interests of the nursing profession”, I do not share.

The “carrier for the disabled” should do very carefully about whether you can continue the eugenic motivated framework of the Economists in the country departments. So were and are not only endangered people in need of care, but also mentioned, “at least 20,000 Service workers”, in an irresponsible way a liability risk.

There is in the rule of law, no “grey zone”, but only legal or illegal and this is matter!

To me, the scope and the overall potential for conflict of this posting is aware of it. It is indicated in order no solution, but only the Finger in the wound. Further explanations and distinctions will arise.

BICEPS-INFO Text: Lebenshilfe Austria (9. As of July 2009) Disabled professionals urgently need a better position in the GuKG

Live help located better social protection for carers, but calls for a Change in the GuKG

The live aid welcomes today's improvements in the area of hedges of a care-giver.

“But at the same time, we remind you that the legal anchoring of inflation rate-linked automatic annual increase in the care of the pending money. A further outstanding claim, we see that also in the case of children who are not severely disabled multiple times, in each case, whether or not additional hours are incurred for increased maintenance and these are to be considered when the conditions are met, also to” stresses of life aid the national Director of the Albert Brandstätter.

In addition, calls for assistance urgently to the needs of disabled people should be change - oriented Change in the GuKG: The bill, the health care and nursing act and the medical act (GuKG amendment in 2008) saw significant improvements for those occupational groups that are in the area of working with disabled people and also for people with disabilities.

“All the more regrettable is that, according to information from the Federal Ministry for health, the planned Changes should be implemented,” criticized by Brandstätter.

The original draft Amendment saw in § 3a Abs.1 GuKG an extension of the group of persons for access to the training module “support for the base supply (UBV)” for “members of the educational and psychological Professions, who treat the disabled people and take care of”.

This is an urgent concern of the Austrian institutions for the disabled should not have been taken, according to information from the Ministry of health in the new draft law. That would be for the vast majority of disabled carers fatal. In terms of disabled people, short-sighted professional interests of the nursing profession to set aside!

The Lebenshilfe Austria urges the extension of the group of persons of access to UVB-module is not only for members of the Professions, the qualifications, have a pedagogical or psychological, but, in addition, also for all occupational groups, the social work and support with the basic care of people with disabilities.

“Many professional groups in Austria in work with the disabled and currently also in the framework of this activity support on the basis of supply are excluded from this vocational training option. We assume that this group is in the individual Federal States, up to 90 percent of the employees are disabled professionals! In total, there are at least 20,000 Contractors, who can continue to exercise their activity only in a legal gray area!” says Brandstätter.

Furthermore, calls to the help in life that the Disabled workers and Disabled workers, to accompany people with disabilities in their home or professional environment and support, the

Provisions of the health professions amendment act of 2007, on an equal footing.

“For a community, families and real lives of people with disabilities, combinations of services are often necessary: supported forms of employment, mobile living assistance, Family support, supervised residential groups, etc., it also needs multi-professional Teams with different Training backgrounds. But here, we are reaching limits when it comes to the ratio of Disabled workers to the provisions of the GuKG. The must be in the amendment taken into account,” says Brandstätter finally.

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