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[D+181] right to Personal assistance now to implement, disadvantage and exclusion to stop!

The European network for independent living (ENIL) calls for the human right to “Personal assistance”.
Europe-wide signature kamagne for the implementation of article 19 of the CRPD of the United Nations.

Schluss mit der Benachteiligung! verwirklicht Art. 19 der UN Konvention

ENIL-Poster: “P. A. law campaign – Stop the difference” are locked up million in institutions, with millions dependent on their relatives – Only a few live a self-determined: thanks to a Personal assistant, you have the control over your life. Enough with the discrimination! Article 19 of the UN Convention a reality. You have to sign for a law for Personal assistance for all people with disabilities.

There are still too many people with disabilities live in institutions. Too many are dependent on their Relatives. To a few live a Self-determined life in self-responsibility and access to Personal assistance.

In a self-determined life means that people with disabilities enjoy the same rights and freedom of choice and that you are given the opportunity to decide on every aspect of your life. The concept of independent living supports people with disabilities in their pursuit of equality and full participation in the community. For many disabled people Personal assistance is the first step to a self-determined life and a way out of the care situation. And Personal assistance is the prerequisite for equal opportunities and self-determination.

The UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities refers in article 19 is clear that access to personal assistance for all people with disabilities, not only for a minority.

ENIL, the European network for independent living (European Network on Independent Living) has launched a signature campaign, and calls on governments and the European Union:

  • to act now and to stop discrimination and exclusion
  • To ensure human rights and Personal assistance for all
  • Article 19 of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities to implement finally in the fact
  • In a self-determined organizations of life in the political debate.

Personal assistance must be income and assets of independent legal claim!

The signatures collected during the Freedom Drives in September, the EU MEPs in Strasbourg handed over to lend weight to our demands.

ENIL is already supported by many organizations from all over Europe.
The Austrian citizens ' initiative “the Home home“ [URL removed, note.] in support of this campaign.

They also support us with your signature!

On the website you can find more information about our campaign. Of course, we are also available for questions and suggestions, contact Us.

You have to sign for a law for Personal assistance for all disabled people: Support us. [URL removed-ed.]

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