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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

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24.09.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

Care financing part 3: Just a Basis for equitable care backup'

Financing of care, support and assistance to secure ... [part 3]


  • A long-term care Fund (capital assessment) would not be a stable Basis for SECURING the Pflegsystems.
  • Nursing care, is a core task of the state! The enshrined in the Constitution of “Social security” must not be longer (unconstitutional!) be ignored.
  • The “rate of decay” of the People value must be vigorously counteracted. The flags of the “values-orientation” are not allowed to talk only at Sunday (or 1.May-talks) to be hanged.
  • Three pillars of Affordability of a “living solidarity”: 1. Power and will-2. Human capital 3. Causes of principle.

NR-Abg Dr. Franz-Joseph Huainigg, ÖVP speaker for people with disabilities, presented in the three weeks leading up to the no-choice on 28.09.2008, at its Homepage 21 positions, demands and requests to the disability policy.

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Item 9: further development of the care system by the Austria Fund ... [Part 3] (FJH - original text see below)

Equitable and stable financing of a just “nursing Care”

Now to the question of the financing of care through a care Fund, where “Austria Fund” is probably rate only as a tactically selected word sleeve. “Solidarity” might be a better Name. No matter how it is called the “pot”, a “Fund” would unfortunately – as far as I am aware – the decisive disadvantage, that no law allowed claims, and funding security for decades to derive. If funds are tight, would benefits be reduced or denied. I see that right? On such a Foundation we should build a “new house”, where the livelihoods of people who are in need of assistance.

I propose a new legs to satisfactory assistance and Maintenance management System of all, to define in the Constitution as a national task of the highest priority, on a par with other Central responsibilities for self-preservation of a democratic state and human community. Without this decision, in principle, as a soft position for tackling the demographic challenges, would, all other efforts to find solutions not from the Kläglichkeit and the amateurism that we are experiencing, collect.

A guide to the care sector, from social assistance and for settlement (not necessarily together) or independently “next to” the health sector, I think, is a goal-oriented cleanup of a historically-related neglect of the area of long-term care.

Austria Fund?
The ÖVP (in view of planned elections) proposed privatisation to the doping of the “Austria Fund” for care of backup, similar to the family burdens equalisation Fund, would be far from sufficient and stable financing base. So a Fund includes, in particular, no approach for the challenges of the increasing needs due to the demographic development.

Capital Market - Based?
How quickly the houses of cards of the international financial could fall together market, we are witnessing, once again, very clearly (to the US real estate bubble and global financial crisis). The Addiction of some of the speculators to the “fast money” and all Those with chapped, led the world economy once again to the edge of the abyss. Risky investments are not made obvious and public funds, as the current educational needs over the loss of around 300 million euros (!) in the case of the lower Austrian housing promotion makes it clear.

Also, a care Fund and its income any and all Income, no matter how high the Fund would be endowed, could dissolve overnight, like a bubble. The capital markets are unsuitable, Central state tasks, not to secure money maintains it. Banks and financial wizards wouldn't use jump as a “nursing assistant” into the breach, but also on public support need (see currently in the USA).

People value and index values
Inflation is not only in the monetary field is an ever-present size, even people value, and people are subject to a permanent decline in the price. If we fall in the value of Christian and/or social claim is not energetically counteract this, is to show the real, existing, hypocritical “values”of community, more and more their true Face. Supported the state in a pragmatic way, the people will be sacrificed-“value” irresponsible to the Index-“values”! People value exchange is not listed, maybe he disappears more and more from the daily field of view. The ignorance towards the needs of the “Weak” has become socially acceptable, who is out skin the Most for themselves, is considered to be successful. At the end of a “box system”, ... care neglect is to Push in the euthanasia. A Crash of the care system, we are heading straight, is many people cost of living and the state budget, by the way very expensive to come.

Government and the economy, cheer proud about our radiant performance, if we may us Breasts for our position as a siebtreichstes country in the world and fourth richest EU country. But when it comes to the funding of a solidarity-based care system, to be pushed gloomy economic clouds, therefore, and prior to the rising need for care warned. The always-claimed no possibility of financing is certainly not due to the allegedly cash-strapped, but at the Destructiveness and inhumanity, lack of political will!

Three pillars of Affordability

  1. Not a charity Fund, but only a “stable” resource, a more realistic way, a fixed size of the total economic power (share of GDP) that we provide through the highest level of prioritization as the Central task of the State can be misleading. The provision of sufficient resources is exclusively a question of political will and priority. This first funding pillar, our power and our will (so Budget-financed), we establish a “life-solidarity”, because we are so valuable to us!
  2. As a second pillar Human capital a new care system. A necessary Expansion of informal and professional employment, this area must secure forms from the resources. A broader community behind it, results are by attacking employment growth through this area. Care and assistance for needy people no longer live deported and separated (out of sight, out of mind) in homes, but in the Middle of the population, in your own home and social environment were, on consumption and on the social life taking part and as an attractive employer. To be a education about the risks of life in need of care, the sense of Solidarity helps the population to anchor.
  3. As the third pillar of the Causes principle be established. What will cause the health system to collapse (if we continue), and that is that a healthy attitude is punished, should be avoided in the care system. In the next two decades, incentive-systems, a kind of bonus system to promote active health care. By turning away from the repair medicine, to a life-medicine, the health system would remain financially viable, but also the need for care not to overdo it, but a affordable size to stay. Not that I would exclude also, that a 'polluter pays' principle was introduced. Anyone who consciously and responsibly with his life style there are higher risks of health hazards and, thus, the care needs-risk, should this co-Finance is also due to higher contributions. The currently unpopular discussion, for example, higher taxation of tobacco and alcohol abuse, the taxation of sick of doing, denatured food, compulsory insurance for dangerous sports, bonus system in the case of KV-contributions for vitality increase, etc. will arise soon anyway as the need for the financing of the health system. A cost truth in time to introduce, would help, that it is not needed in an Ageing society it is even the much feared rise in the need for care. Great challenges require sensible solutions.

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Original text to FJH21-13 source: (15.09.2008)


“The financing of care must also be ensured in the future. The establishment of the Austria Fund is to.assure that” this proposal for the further development of our care system, Vice-Chancellor Wilhelm Molterer called in his “speech on the state of the Nation”

Our care system needs in view of the demographic development urgently a further development, is. Now, there is a first funding proposal, how this might be done. The care Fund, as Wilhelm Molterer suggests, is to be fed from the Proceeds of privatization, and similar to the family burdens equalisation Fund act. In the field of care new care could be created ways and tried. – About day structures, so that family carers can also go to a employment. It needs also financially viable model for older and disabled people, who do not need Round-the-clock care, but only by the hour support.

In the further development of the care system, in addition to securing financing prior to the discharge to a care-giver. 80 percent of all people in need of care are cared for at home.

In addition to demands and concerns, but there are also improvements that could be implemented: It is able to create through the 24-hour care in a legal and affordable System for elderly and disabled people who have need-the-clock care. This was an important first step, since care may not take place in a legal grey area.

By the amendment to the Healthy - and hospital care act may now also perform Personal assistants and personal assistants in the context of the 24-hour care for activities legal.


If you are affected, What problems they have in the care sector?

What measures it takes to support carers more?

Are you afraid of care to be in need of?

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