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17.02.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+120] responsibility for All

The struggle for adequate backups must be managed BY all and FOR ALL Concerned in common
Boundaries between groups of Disabled people to deepen exclusion and segregation of Those with weaker Lobby

In fine distinctions between groups of people with support needs, and the danger of the weakening of the interests of other, similar or equal to the affected people. We should be aware of.
In the following example, in my opinion, the term “acquired” disabilities (i. d. case, brain damage) and because statistically more successful prospects for therapy result in a serious demarcation drawn. We were on the alert, to people with needs for assistance in “divide Better” and “Worse”!

Reader's letter “Deferred = Exclusion = Segregation” in the KOBINET - Forum – 17.02.2009, 10:20
To The Article: Neuro wiki online ... A new lobby in Germany for people with acquired brain damage ...

Deferred = Exclusion = Segregation

All efforts to long-term Rehabilitation, rehab care and psycho-social support for Affected are, of course, very welcome.

The emphasis on “acquired” brain injury (mean is, for example, due to an accident, “later on in life acquired” disabilities) can I find a dubious delineation, which promotes exclusion and segregation.
Thus, a group of persons with disabilities is compared to the other deferred. Are people with pre-, peri -, or postnatally induced “acquired” or genetically (periconceptional “acquired”) and organic Brain disorders will be worth less to get the same Wealth of support, rehabilitation measures and supports?

As a disadvantage of this (“acquired”) group of patients is deemed to be in nursing homes or homes for the “mentally disabled” inadequate supplies. Discrimination is good and all, but also for all the other people urged or forced in the custody of prisons, a life sentence to be received by the company singled out.

The struggle for needs-oriented, needs, income and assets independent of the supports, must be managed BY all and FOR ALL Concerned, TV and friends together, regardless of the cause, type and Severity of the impairment, as well as regardless of the time of “acquisition” of a disability.

Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian citizens ' initiative “the Home home” [URL removed, note.] and Katja's Blog (

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