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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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29.12.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+70] responsibility

Care of termination on the part of disabled - care facility to Indicate defects
Incidents in a facility in lower Austria to deal the Prosecutor's office
TV-report in ORF-topic by 15.12.2008 gives insights


Are homes for the Disabled for the disabled?

Out of fear of the consequences of some of the hold back with criticism. In particular, if it is institutions or authorities, of which one is dependent in some way.
This is the foster parents of the severely disabled, Katja, 16 years old, but not the responsibility. Already in the first days and weeks of placement in a care facility in lower Austria there were health deterioration. That is why the nationals made the establishment of management and authorities to the shortcomings in the quality of care and attention.

The foster parents are the experts for the needs of Katie's
The foster mother, Charlotte Lichtenauer, is a freelance Certified children's nurse with many professional training courses, including ‘training in home nursing’. The foster-father, Gerhard Lichtenauer, in the main professional technician, also has a professional training in nursing. Over the years, both of them were on many of the instructions in therapies and therapeutic activities. Like all dedicated parents of disabled children, they became experts for the needs of your child. Together, they also looked after (in spring 2005) Katja for over 15 years, with the highest skilled rehabilitation care after the disabled girl with one and a half years in 1989 from a Vienna children's home in the care of family was.

Continued good service has been called
The parents are convinced, “the identified problems were a fact, the criticism was factual, qualified, entitled, and solely focused on the care of Katie's would be continued in the usual care quality, and to the extent necessary, as agreed with the institution.”
Katya's health condition has deteriorated during the short hospitalisation. It came quickly, interference is not occurring at the care home (and which could be made through subsequent nursing home again to undo).
In addition to the nursing and care deficiencies were also pointed to insufficient organizational and personnel structures of disabled - care facility and hygiene deficiencies. Compliance with legal provisions and agreements was called for.

Home operators and patient, lawyer: There are no defects
The “mental, physical, or multiple impairments, predominantly of severely impaired people,” with a “basal care needs and high care needs” specialized care facility dismissed immediately all allegations and concerns of choice of parents. Also, the involved authorities were able to determine during Inspections no defects. The patient advocate shared his impressions: “All of the clients made a very satisfied, well-maintained and, above all, happy impression”.

NÖ Supervisory authority: the Best care is secondary
The Supervisory authority found very quickly: “If the management and staff of the institution are of the opinion that the support and care of people under a given set of conditions is possible ... has to be understood as a professionally sound opinion.” Moreover, it was “a social welfare facility and not a nursing home or care unit.” It further stated: “The activating care and support of these people is in the foreground, not the care”.

The Consequences
The difference in perspective between the long-term care of foster parents, and the home operator escalated rapidly, so that after only seven weeks of accommodation, residential care and care for the disabled Katja – from the point of view of the parents, “without a plausible justification, and clearly unlawful” – unannounced and without notice, was terminated. Not only that, the foster-father: “The illegal eviction was carried out in consultation with the Supervisory authority of the country of lower Austria, who criticise, must apparently be severe consequences.”
Family Lichtenauer has been “the most severe discrimination by the competent social authorities in Vienna and lower Austria” and is now fighting arbitrariness in almost four years against the “systemic injustice, and organized authorities.” Meanwhile, Mr lichtenauer is the threat of a libel suit by the home operator, as he recently announced.
Katja is 20 ½ years old and is maintained since the home-thrown out of the (since Katie's age of majority – the “former”) foster parents (like 15 years long), in the choice of the family home and cared for. An adequate support for the highly-skilled 24-hour care at home family lichtenauer fights in almost four years in vain!

“Katja” is not an isolated case
Samuel, 22 years old, was taken by his mother from the same institution in the spring of 2008, because he also suffered damage to their health. Severe curvature of the Spine and hip flexor contracture within a short period of time, the consequences of institutionalisation. Since then, Samuel is cared for around the clock by the single mother at home, the state of Samuel visibly improved. The mother of Samuel, sees the cause of the health deterioration in the personnel structure and the lack of maintenance of competence of this institution is justified. And there are yet more Concerned!

Prosecutor's office has been turned on
On 4. In April 2008, the foster-father Katie's filed a criminal Pölten display at the Prosecutor's office of St.. The suspicion is on body injury and risk to health of minors by professionally-skilled and professional is not legally authorized (“precarious”) to care for intensive care of vulnerable people.
In addition, professional fraud is suspected “” Mr lichtenauer, because for intensive care by ‘senior management’ is settled, this skilled nursing care must be to-care-for legal reasons, not exercised, can and wants to.
Some departments of the country lower Austria is accused of abuse of office, the “illegal nursing home operation” for years, initiated, promoted and to have met and to be responsible for the illegal kicking Katie's. The ‘Salzburger Nachrichten’ reported on the “Allegations against nursing home”.
These allegations are now being investigated for nearly nine months. It was determined whether the disabled device has “neglected its commitment to the care and custody of grossly” and whether the authorities have “neglected their Supervisory and examination duty or knowingly misused”.

Home operators and authorities in unison until today: There are no defects
The threat to care-dependent people by “precarious care” is provided by the facility operator and the NÖ Supervisory authorities, the institution to hold still for the best in lower Austria, denied and excluded.
None of the “allegations” would be justified “alleged” maintenance deficiencies were just invented, and health deterioration to exclude. The foster mother Katie's would have a “separation problem” can be stated by the managing Director of the institution. Not enough with this “psychological assessment”, he also knows the motives of the parents, exactly, this “want of its establishment and, unfortunately, the country NÖ damage” shall notify it to the authorities. The Director explains to the authorities about the Fraud of the parents: “evidence” of the defects would be produced“”!
“This model of explanation of the pedagogical Manager of this highly recognised institution came to the authorities, obviously, very, something else can be derived from their further Act or not to act,” concludes Mr Lichtenauer.
The lower Austrian social Department reviewed this establishment on several occasions and certified as being of the highest quality in care and support. Also the maintenance of legal structures, which were asked by the members several times, does that correspond to all of the statutory provisions, the results of the Verifications by the Supervisory authority.

The Last Stand
The matter will now be recommended finally, as in the case of a criminal complaint by independent care experts tested.

A TV report illuminated some aspects of this conflict

ORF-theme from 15.12.2008, 21:10 Uhr, ORF 2 (repeat, 16.12.2008, 9:30 am) © ORF:

Addendum on 10.2.2009:
The recording of the 10-minute TV-report had to be due to a request from the ORF, in accordance with the copyright law, again from the website. ... read more ...

Here are the broadcast announcement of the ORF to the originally scheduled broadcast date (20.10.2008):


© ORF"You have thrown our severely handicapped foster daughter from today to tomorrow from the disabled device out, because we have required of you that you take care of the child properly", sue the parents of the 20-year Katja S. from lower Austria. For seven weeks, Katja S. was accommodated in a disabled residential community in lower Austria. Day-to-day, it was gone the girl worse, say the parents. "We assumed that what is in the contract with the facility, namely the fact that it specializes in care of multiple severely disabled people, the truth. But that was not so“. Katie's foster parents are reimbursed at the Prosecutor's office of St. Pölten display because of negligent bodily injury, due to commercial fraud and abuse of office. The Director of the institution says: "Katie's foster parents wanted to portray us as bad, in order to construct a damage case, to demand that the Land of lower Austria money". However, in the case of Katja. s. is not the only one that focuses on the disabled device in a skewed light. Zoran Dobric has researched.


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5 comments to [D+70] recognize responsibility

  • daniela


    Thank You for answered me, and made me very happy.
    The States, as in Germany, are also with us. Only, there are hardly any listeners, no one wants to have come true, and where to store it when nobody wants to listen?
    Because, in my opinion, I'm irritated a lot of people is always the case with work colleagues and superiors!
    But who wants to listen to that one on 1. January alone is responsible for 38 people with the kitchen aid, how to maintain properly? Because you can try only that the patients are sick and tired of clean!
    Or if a colleague comes to 10-hour break for Breakfast, and proudly says “and how many did you take a shower, I showered 5”, and I replied to her, oh my God, you've raped again 5. Because people with 80-98 years of age are not used to showering 3-4 Times a week, just because it is on the Plan. The patient will not be asked and if it is, then you will be “persuaded” that the Badeplan is adhered to. You will not be asked whether you want to take a sleeping pill for dinner, you will be given, and if you are, then 24 hours back, is said the next day, the patient has slept, you need a different sleep aid, the night service does not need that because anyone who goes for a walk and the whole process is disturbing. There are infinite such things, but who is listening?
    And to know the costs, I think everyone who has to do with the care, how much a home will cost space, and how much the nursing home costs but when you take care of someone's home, then so many make and that is the whole point! And the taxpayer, it is, apparently, no matter where his taxes go, right?

    Greetings Daniela

  • Gerhard Lichtenauer

    Hi Daniela,
    you as an Insider, of course, absolutely right. The (mostly logged) superficial Alibi checks are only for the whitewashing. Often “check”, as in our case, the Supervisory authorities also indirectly yourself. You yourself are it, what is insufficient, and in some cases illegal conditions for the operating permit specify. The home operator can be etching with the negotiated Tags only, if at all, a minimum standard to meet, the meets wouldn't the needs and Rights of the residents and of the people.
    Because of the duty of supervision (breach of official duty) of the authorities in the case of care-damages with the home operator in the same boat. The Reviews of pure Eyes, and also because of this bias of the control Board smoke and mirrors. Their competence and the relevance of your “Reviews” will be reviewed by anyone. I call this Connection as “the Economists syndicate” and it is very powerful!

    Unfortunately, there are very rare nursing and care staff, which shows courage the States. The do it but, it is not easy, as is clear from this Review of the book “Well fed and clean? An old nurse is fighting against the health-care crisis” (Brigitte Heinisch):

    Brigitte Heinisch worked for many years as a registered nurse in nursing homes in Berlin. With time, blatant abuses, she noticed more and more frequently. She worked to total exhaustion, neglected, of necessity, their children, became seriously ill. People unworthy, you will find the conditions in some homes, not only for the residents but also for those who want to take care of you. ... Brigitte Heinisch protested often against the intolerable conditions, they received answers such as (p. 71): “these things you don't have to worry!” That left her no peace (p. 71 f.): “Shaken, I drove home. Shocked, angry and powerless, I tried to comprehend what had just happened. What is required of my supervisor about me? I should tolerate ways of illegal work, but for the potentially deadly consequences? It wouldn't be the first Time that a nurse would have to go to jail, because previously no one had dared to open my mouth.”
    Eleven times Brigitte suggested Heinisch internal Alarm – no reaction. Then she turned to the Medical service. But also as a control confirmed your came and the serious deficiencies, changed conditions in the home. Finally, the 45-Year-old complaint against your employer filed. Then she was dismissed without notice. ...

    Here is yet another book that sets the fingers relentlessly in and out of this open wound: “In the network of care of mafia – Like with inhumane care of business” (from Claus Fussek and Gottlob Schober):

    .... Elderly care in Germany: In no other area of our society, the contrast between what purport to provide the competent institution, and what is actually being done for needy people, greater. And in one of the richest countries in the world. The care industry is booming. A powerful cartel, among other things, consisting of health care associations, home operators, and the pharmaceutical industry, uses ruthless a hard transparent System of public financing, in order to make huge profits. Out the people in need of care, the stay on the route, such as dedicated care workers, the abuses, to denounce in the homes, public and professional consequences in purchase need to take.

    But in Austria there is not all this, of course, everything is a perfect world, just something we need to beautify the life in the homes. Something attractive, they need to be, the people simply needs to be taken the fear. The frosting is still missing, great Events, therapeutic petting zoo, and house garden – new academic disciplines – must be introduced, because with the home-instruction had to put to sleep the dog and the cat, the garden and the regulars visit to be abandoned .... It will cost the taxpayers many times over, as individually needed, the deck would have cost at the end of support at home.

  • daniela

    I know how the controls come about. I directed two stations in a nursing home. As a civil servant, might have had to do 20 years ago, what with care and to be able to believe, to judge what is sufficient or good.

    It should someone come to, in the care, and a couple of days, to the homes to go and by 7am in the morning until the Evening, then can you of a Review talk, otherwise it is just Eyewash and nothing else, and no matter where the person comes from, whether from the lower Austrian state government, or the medical Directorate.

    It should be spoken for the Lichtenauers! It was not enough that you have taken care of sacrificing for someone else's child?

    It is an impudence what to do with the suffering of the people!

    I hope it works out well for you and for Katja, it would be safe to just vegetate there without you!

  • Gerhard Lichtenauer

    Also in the health and nursing professionals in the “higher intermediate service” (graduate nurse/DGKP) or experts with appropriate academic qualifications may be, after appropriate training, appointed experts, and then in the Court expert list of the Ministry of justice .
    Each physician whose opinion or findings but has, to my knowledge, before the court, the same weight as an expert opinion.
    I am at the present time *) that a report is not come at the facts around and the appointed Person will not put their good Reputation at risk. The question of the assessment of evidence, however, remains the responsibility of the independent judiciary.

    *) Addendum on 17.4.2009: I am now, after an “expert opinion”, learned Better. My assumption was incorrect, the “game” is open!

  • Question: What is Autonomous maintenance-SV and where can I obtain it?

    All the best, Katja, and your Loved ones!

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