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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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28.07.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+281] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (5)

Care power extension kick: Stripped-down GuKG-Novella irritates the disabled care sector
Growing practice of precarious care - performance and cost-bearer for the disabled.

This is made clear position in the Council of Ministers by the Federal government on Rail,1 the match occurs by this train in a “chess” position. The helplessness of the “Economists syndicate” is apparently.

How could it come to this Situation, the designated on typically Austrian as the grey zone “of illegal nursing home operation” in probably not a few facilities for the disabled of the country's regulatory authorities over the last twelve years initiated and covered up was encouraged?

Were and rights are violated?
Of course, any amount! What land officers were the authors and what were and are the executors of illegal land policies and regulations, as well as the facts of the case filler is committed in the name of official duties?

“To knowingly or (even contingent) intentional abuse of office of officers, or incitement, is when others are harmed in their Rights, not a peccadillo but a crime!”

— According To Section 302 Of The Penal Code

When are the instigator to what is probably the matted most systemic abuse of power of the second Republic to the (political) responsibility (a historical novelty)?

What's next?
Waiting for us now, continues to be a year-long “standoff”position of the displacement and concealment or checkmate comes, finally, “” for the eugenics-Economists?

The Postings in the Forum of BICEPS-INFO: nr=9916#fid10429 & nr=9916#fid10431 28. July 2009, 00:02 & 01:42 PM

Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian citizens ' initiative “the Home home” [URL removed, note.]

BICEPS-INFO – Text: diakonia (27. As of July 2009)
The Council of Ministers: diaconal criticized the lack of permeability in the caring professions
GuKG-novel: workers at a disadvantage in social occupations massively

The diakonia criticized the proposed amendment to the health and nursing law (GuKG), which will be decided in tomorrow's Council of Ministers. Two main points were removed from the original bill, the lack of permeability in Social and health care, the result is called.
On the one hand, each profession is made more difficult groups in the area of disability access to care for training, on the other hand, credit will be denied opportunities for education and training. Workers are at a disadvantage occupations in Social in the future.

In the original draft of the GuKG amendment to the extension of the group of persons for access to the training module “support for the base supply” is provided for members of occupational groups with psychological and a pedagogical qualification. This scheme is not implemented, is afraid of the diakonia standstill in the care of people with disabilities, since additional knowledge can only more difficult to be acquired.

Also the accounting of possibility of training in social professions such as health care and nursing education seems to have been deleted from the draft. A flexible design of the Social and health professions, however, is need of the hour, stresses the diakonia.

Training credits provide for the possibility of easier skills and undertake further training. An exclusion of persons, especially in Social work is from the point of view of diakonia incomprehensible.

Diakonia therefore calls on the government parties, these two desperately needed points in the amendment of the GuKG, in order to create improvements in the care of persons in need of care. A positive effect of the introduction of the implementation of nursing measures by nursing assistant is seen inside the can in the future be, subject to certain conditions, even without supervision but under the accompanying scrutiny to be exercised.

  1. How it came to be then

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