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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

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26.03.12 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

Your money or your life – the reprehensible Coup!

The rejection of the Social

"Geld oder Leben"

"Your money or your life"- Coup

Accession to the EU (in early 1995) was a turning point in the Austrian social policy, the rejection of the Social set up and spread out, until today. The later onset of social cold snap (Cabinet: Vrnaitzky, climate, Schüssel, Gusenbauer, Faymann) is directly proportional with the stranglehold of the stability Pact to the Federation and the Länder. The pressure was passed on 1:1 on those “by” that can defend themselves the least.

To make matters worse for care and assistance of dependent people, that the care allowance system (introduced in 1993) of the countries has been converted in to a mere increase of financial compensation (Federal/state). It immediately began an ice-cold redistribution of the already only as a small grant designed the money power in the kind, area, the of the countries, in addition (!) needs and comprehensively would have been to build.

The individual's need for assistance to care for needy and disabled people, which was not covered by the care allowance, would be covered by the so-called “benefits in kind” (inpatient, and ambulatory AIDS), according to the subsidiarity principle, to fully satisfy demand. The social services that means, if the use of own resources (income, assets, support from relatives) is exhausted, there is a right, and it needs the help and care according to the principle of Solidarity.

This law is entitled to demand cover was, and is granted only in the case of the stationary aussonder and entre proliferation of types of Assistance (in the so-called “home”). Stationary aid forms are on the one hand, (fortunately) not sufficiently available, and on the other hand, they're not even people legally adequate and timely support to the form, which by the way is also 90% of surveyed people will be rejected for obvious reasons.

By the refusal to ceiling needs of care and support, where and with whom the people themselves want to live (human rights), social withheld from the needy patient every year, several billion euros to plug Budgelöchern cold diverted. This is the reprehensible Coup of the Second Republic, a wide-scale organized social crime, system of crimes of the first rank.

First publication: Facebook on 26.03.2012, here in the Blog published on 05.04.2012.

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