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20.10.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D-Day] Katja - my life



Stations and situations of my life:

Bureaucracy stifles humanity

“The chains of tortured humanity are made of office paper” (Franz Kafka)

Starting with 20. October 2008, [D-Day] on this website the following publications:

  1. Insight into the life of Katya, a young adult with the heaviest of which lives with multiple disabilities, in Niederösterreich, in district of Amstetten, in their (former) foster parents. Report as a foster parent, the care and support 19 years ago 1 have taken, after Katja was shot with 1 ½ years from a Vienna infant-nursing home in the family.
  2. As a family member (now Close) we will inform the Public how Kim with 16 ½ years, after only seven weeks of placement in the “best disabled facility” in lower Austria, 3 ½ years, on 4.4.2005, without notice and illegally 2 was thrown out, after we are able to show as professionals, care, care, Hygiene and structural defects and compliance with legal provisions and agreements demanded. Kajsa. was again included in the foster family and has since been maintained and cared for.
  3. Never-ending story about a so far, more than three years3 Behördenk(r)battle from the point of view of Affected: Nourishing Close against a dehumanized, ignorant and incompetent4 The Social Bureaucracy Of Austria. Information about more than inadequate social and legal framework for Around-the-clock private care of people with severe disabilities at HOME.
  4. Ultimately, backgrounds, relationships, entanglements and developments, with the result that on 4.4.2008 to a criminal complaint: suspected abuse of office by the Land of lower Austria and suspected of “illegal nursing home operation,” and commercial fraud by the operator of the “Inclusive disabled residential communities”. It came to maintenance damage. Precarious care (with the connivance of the authorities) at risk to continue the health of needy people.

Date Of Last Revision: 20.6.2013

  1. In the meantime, prior to 23 ½ years
  2. The illegal nursing home kicking out before now over 8 years was carried out in cooperation with the lower Austria Supervisory authorities, so “allegedly” amtsmiss important! It is the presumption of innocence applies, of course.
  3. The chronic authorities-cramp has now been going on for over 8 years. In the meantime, many surrounding regions of para were lysed and diagnosis must now be of a generalized seizure disorders assumed. No spasm was found resolving agent, probably only a drastic surgery can help.
  4. ... persistent people, reversing, linquente, harassing, neglect of duty verdrossene and brash due diligence forgotten, ... Oh, I wish I was still stronger words!

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  • Leodolter

    The incompetent social bureaucracy österle ego has dug jahrzehntelaang the people to the grave, without ever even put into it. The “purely casual social bürökratie” is, because your washing away of can not also succeed in the case of Katja, thereby strongly encouraged to end their decades-failure.

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