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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

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09.12.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+50] EntHEIMlichung 1

EntHEIMlichung so far verheimli compressor NÖ directives “Living” for disabled people
A further contribution to transparency in the area of institutional care of disabled people in lower Austria

In a Press release from 5.8.08 a NÖ Directive “Housing for the mentally and multiple handicapped people” . This new Directive is to guarantee, according to the dispatch, that the needy people ...

“in your immediate living environment, accurate and expedient assistance and support to the respective individual needs to know“.

NÖ social Minister Mikl-Leitner, this formulated the importance on 16.9.08 adopted and on 1.1.09 in force guidelines for going:

“The aim of this new Directive is to be able to the specific and individual needs of the disabled people's right to the point and appropriate to respond. So that we can make a significant contribution to the social model region in Europe”

Because of these and other formulations, I was of the opinion that it is a milestone in the direction of the implementation of the already In July 2008, ratified, and, in the meantime, on 23.10.08 in force of the UN disability rights Convention handle. In article 19 of this for Austria is now a binding UN Convention “The Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities” (pdf) guaranteed full freedom of Choice for residential and forms of Support. A “range of community-based support services home and in institutions ..., including personal assistance” is to be ensured by the Contracting States.

My Request for the content of these guidelines not been answered by the provincial government of lower Austria first. Later Urgenz revealed, “that there are guidelines of the Federal state of lower Austria, in which requirements for the carrier of the management of facilities relating to are formulated”. It is, therefore, guidelines for in-patient and out-patient accommodation forms.

The Ent-Deceptive because the “family land” considers lower Austria obviously the way of the segregation of disabled people in special institutions of social Welfare as the way of the future and a model. Another concern is that the Department of social Affairs of the provincial government of lower Austria tries to keep the Details of these policies, obviously, in front of the population, and particularly against the Affected and their families a secret.

With a request at the Ombudsman's office – “Has to hide the provincial government of lower Austria?” (open letter 75 days ago) I asked to check the following:

  1. Must decided the appropriate land policy to the exclusion of the Public and their Details will continue to be handled as a closure thing?
  2. It may be that the aussonder will be given to the accommodation of disabled people in ghettoisiere special facilities, with respect to assistance from public funds is a preferential (multiple funds) with respect to the life in the own four walls with outpatient forms of Support, after the UN calls for a Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in article 19 to the contrary in a legally binding way. This international Convention took effect in may in the world in force and was ratified by Austria in July 2008.

I got so far, unfortunately, no answer, although the people confirm attorney probably within two weeks of receipt, and within eight weeks of the request answer should have been.

To bring as a contribution to a more transparent administration in lower Austria and Concealed in the area of institutional care of disabled people, entHEIMlicht these NÖ guidelines here now“”:

Guidelines LIVING for mentally and multiple handicapped people
Author: office of the lower Austrian provincial government, Department of social Affairs (GS5)
Download: “NOe-Richtlinien_WOHNEN_Menschen_mit_besonderen_beduerfnissen_ocr.pdf

Important note: This is a copy. I can't guarantee, whether it is the final adopted Version of the NÖ guidelines, and any transcription can not exclude the possibility of error. By Scanning and Converting into readable “pdf” correspond to some of the formatting is not 100% the Original.

This publication is for the time being, uncommented, with regard to the content of the guidelines. At a later stage, these policies of mine commented, and in the context of the ongoing investigations of my criminal complaint on suspicion of abuse of office by the Land of lower Austria and of the suspicion of illegal nursing home operation by the operator of a disabled care facility.
Link: (initially locked) [unlocked 13.5.2012, note.]

Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian Citizens ' Initiative “Home instead of home” [URL removed, note.]

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