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26.10.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+6] to take responsibility!

In the social area of fundamental rights be trampled.
The introduction of a much-needed process of change is all of our responsibility

Reader's letter “Responsibility ” in the KOBINET - Forum – 26.10.2008, 16:27


There were more such attorneys [Anm.: Lawyer Alfred Kroll ], of which the irregularities and expert evidence knowledge can condemn. Attorney Kroll doesn't come up in embarrassment, to accusations of coercion, abandonment and perversion of justice to help the needy people in sufficient “objectivity”. The mere fact that this Prosecutor is being brought in a progress procedure, shows that while Mr. Kroll is started.

Authorities arbitrariness and abuse of power 1 against help and care for people in need, as well as their helpers, not only in the district of Oldenburg is probably applicable, but also in Austria, sober and factual reality: As a family closely related to our severely multiple handicapped (“former”) to care for the daughter Katya, 20 years old, we have experienced from the beginning of the Inpflege the ignorance and incompetence of youth and social authorities at first hand. ( )

As Mr. Kroll, also hope I and thousands Affected in Germany and Austria, that the further development of “as many people as possible to open the eyes of how the social welfare authorities ... the statutory rights of handicapped children [Anm.: Adult] trample”.

Where are the excesses, the irresponsibility, under official supervision, the world experienced the global financial crisis, today very clearly. It is to be hoped that at the end of more turning points, of the increase: to take responsibility for each other!
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Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian Citizens ' Initiative “Home instead of home” and Katja's Blog ( )

Source: kobinet-nachrichten 11.10.2008 – 08:01

Disability lawyer in court

Oldenburg (kobinet) Via a process court of Oldenburg Lawyer Alfred Kroll will be responsible for, has informed the editors of a kobinet-readers, helped the now defendant lawyer how many other disabled people to his right.

If on 27. October will be negotiated in the meeting room I of the higher regional court of Oldenburg at the Richard-Wagner-Platz from 10 a.m. against the disabled lawyer, it is primarily a matter of questions, as they were called, in a press release: How engaged a lawyer, the authorities allowed to occur, when it comes to the needs of its disabled clients? Should he denounce, for example, with any law that is inconsistent capping of integration assistance as a “lens arbitrary administrative” act? He may complain to the public that many disabled citizens will be denied in the catchment area of the relevant authority, intentionally, a fair administrative procedures, to social services, to save? Should he report to, because, in his opinion, in at least one case, coercion, denial of assistance, and the perversion of justice, against the responsible decision-makers a criminal complaint?

The subject of the legal status proceedings, including two cases from the district of Oldenburg, which led Kroll the above-mentioned Statements and actions saw. One of the two cases in the it comes to integration assistance for a then eight-year-old autistic boy, had been reported to the regional press in 2007, repeatedly.

In the opinion of the public Prosecutor's office Oldenburg, Kroll has committed through its commitment to a “serious violation of the principle of Objectivity”. This allegation of the dispute to Social security and disability law, specialized lawyer vehemently. He wants to repeat his allegations before the court.

Although the prosecution expressly indicates that it is not the task of the procedure is to make the alleged “violations of fundamental rights of the district of Oldenburg transparent”. Nevertheless, hopes Kroll, that the against him to the roles placed on the market process “as many people as possible to open the eyes of how you contact the social authorities in the district of Oldenburg, the statutory rights of disabled children with the feet”. The process is open to the public. For those who want to form their own judgment, can do this. sch

  1. Note from 14.5.2009: for More information, see the press release Authorities arbitrariness and legal procedures

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