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24.10.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+4] Sustainable freedom of information at risk

Germany: freedom of information is curtailed, with competition arguments

The “long term memory” of the Internet, the (desired?) The short shelf life of current reporting and critical magazines a thorn in the eye? To whom the Amendment of the German broadcasting state Treaty?

Reader's letter “History-Free Continued Plants” (24.10.2008) in the KOBINET - Forum – 24.10.2008, 11:50

History-Free Continued Plants

“The revenge of the journalists, the politicians, the archive is,” said ORF-ZiB2 presenter Robert Hochner.

It is only logical that this weapon is trying to defuse.

From the slope to the “history carts” lots More of the critical Vienna patients ' advocate Dr. Werner Vogt wrote already ( ... sh. Circuit).

Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian citizens ' initiative “the Home home” [URL removed, note.] and Katja's Blog (

Source: kobinet-nachrichten 24.10.2008 – 10:58

Magazine archive of ForseA must be set.

Dresden (kobinet), The Minister presidents of the German länder agreed yesterday in Dresden, Germany on the Amendment of the broadcast state contract. The core of the agreement is that television programmes can only be kept a maximum of a week on the Internet. This is the Magazine archive of ForseA in the foreseeable future. gba

For this purpose, a comment of kobinet-editor Gerhard Bartz

Now you have set by the publisher and the ad interrupt, channel, whose level is not discussed. And the policy supports this willingly and with cross-party support. A possible reason for this is that in the archives, mostly Magazine articles are kept. This deal is, not infrequently, a critical look at the conditions of our society, politics and the people. I can imagine that these people are quite grateful, if such contributions disappear after a short time, or – better yet – because of the shortness of the time by the broadcasters, not only to the Internet. The magazine archive of ForseA, in the since April 2008, interesting posts via a Link accessible for research, a rich Fundus. As soon as the public broadcasters have implemented this decision, this Service is to end.

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