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03.04.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

“Hospice”, taken at their word?

Switzerland: assisted dying Organisation Dignitas wants to give a healthy woman's assisted Suicide
The 70-year-old canadian wants to follow her terminally ill husband in the death

Because your 80-year-old man is fatally ill, wants to die, the healthy wife. "When your husband go, then she wanted to go with him," she says. The controversial euthanasia organization Dignitas wants to help the woman in the suicide. Dignitas boss Ludwig Minelli now wants to clarify the issue of euthanasia (actually, assisted Suicide, editor's note.) in a healthy person, is legal.

The discussion on euthanasia (which is not actually) is opened according to a BBC Radio Interview.

Here is the report in the Swiss ‘tages-Anzeiger’:
Report in the SF Tagesschau’ (Swiss TV):
Report in ‘KATH.NET’ (Austria):
Criticism from the Board of the German hospice Foundation’:
Criticism of the criticism of the German hospice Foundation of ‘IQB’:

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