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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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Provincial Lag in the protection from indirect discrimination pair of disabled people

It is an indictment of our alleged rule of law, when public Law bodies, such as the countries (against better knowledge) in your country are allowed to ignore human laws and regulations, international laws, agreements, and equal treatment and freedom of rights of the Federal Constitution so long “” and in the administrative practice of the applicable law to bow, until they are summoned by international courts and procedure. [... more]


Protection against discrimination in Austria is insufficient

To our – Austria – shame not to see that the national institutions and legal resources are insufficient obviously, discrimination as well as unlawful and to prevent inhumane treatment or remedy. [... more]


Nope care model has “skeletons in the closet”

Lower Austria as a model of how to deal with people in need of care, will prove to be the “example par excellence” fatalster error. [... more]


Legal rights are ignored , social to arbitrary authority

Countries the entire range of the help” socially needy people to distribute “according to authorities, arbitrary and, depending on the Fund. The supposedly “voluntary benefits”, which provide the countries as “Private”, there is no right to claim. AIDS, which actually is entitled to, will be dismissed up to the highest courts with specious arguments. [... more]


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