Inclusion and participation for All! Darkness is the only light eliminated. Never give up!

Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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[D+1500] the main barriers to Inclusion and participation, rights of disabled and needy people

Perfidie: Menschenrechtsabkommen ratifizieren und Umsetzungsverschleppung mit Gesetzesvorbehalt rechtfertigen.

Squared perfidy: human rights treaties, ratify and implement the carryover with the law of title to justify.

What is the capital-disabilities, so the main obstacles to Inclusion, participation and self-determination rights, i.e., rights of the disabled and care of vulnerable people (and their families)?

The main causes of the Austrian implementation of denial and procrastination to the UN disability rights Convention, which have so far been barely addressed, if at all, never:

The reason is quite loose and would loose Federal Constitution and the unwritten Eugen-economistic basic consensus. [... more]


[D+1350] responsibility for the organized System affliction

"Öffentliche Hand" in Handschellen

Commission of the offence due to systemic omission must be moved from the ‘Blind spot’ in the ‘focus’

"Public Hand" in handcuffs

The eagle is a common heraldic animal, in order to give the sovereignty and authority of the state of expression. The robbery can claw animal as a Symbol of the Executive authority of the state. The state's monopoly of violence is not justified by the law of the strong, but to the primacy [... more]


[D+365] care law, state of emergency meets the legal care of a state of emergency (1)

"Öffentliche Hand" in Handschellen

An uncomfortable criminal proceedings, waiting for orders from above, whether it can come before an independent court. Beaches fact for the country sovereign care-Economization landed four months ago in the BMJ - instruction Department. Then the credibility crisis of the judiciary. What time is the click of handcuffs for the “Public Hand”? [... more]


[D+300] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (8)

The “legislative crisis in care“: federalism crisis and challenge of the rule of law. In The Right State Of Austria (?) would have to click for the “Public Hand” long ago, the “handcuffs”! System crash as effective shock therapy “work to rule” against the ruling “of eugenics-Economism”. The rule of law principle applies not for the country? Countries are not allowed to override Federal law, not out of “base motives” [... more]


[D+293] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (7)

GuKG-Novelle 2009: Systemic ills are not solved by sacrificing the care qualifications. Solution: move away from a system of Injustice, the enhancement of the skills and courage against flowery talk! The Austrian system of Injustice: segregation in need of Care and exploitation, to Care for and to fix, instead of defects to be punished, the Care show! But as long as all keep the mouth well-behaved to join in, just muddling on. [... more]


[D+290] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (6)

GuKG - Novelle 2009: fair degree of Reform or practice, legally compliant implementation of necessary? Plausible demands for more practicality compromise the care, safety! Conclusion with care-“grey zone“? It is a shame that here on the backs of the Poorest is saved! Who must bear the consequences of this sloppiness? Experience with pretentious care competence in “approved” facilities. Country Supervisory authorities are jointly responsible, criminal investigations are Run. Need for coverage of “Personal Budget” for all disabled people would be the solution! [... more]


[D+281] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (5)

Care power extension kick: Stripped-down GuKG-Novella irritates the disabled care sector. Growing practice of precarious care, performance and cost of carrier services for the disabled, in front of consequences. When are the instigator to what is probably the matted most systemic abuse of power of the second Republic to the (political) responsibility (a historical novelty)? [... more]


[D+280] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (4)

Care power of Chaos: institutions for the disabled and ‘Personal assistant’, not (yet) a contradiction. Why disability representatives are not with the ‘wolves’ howl should Not fall trap: in the Economism, no matter how big or small, “home” remains home. Human rights progress is only required to cover “Personal Budgets” and real freedom of choice. However, expect further resistance of the Befürsorgungs institutions. [... more]


[D+271] fundamental right to refusal of countries without Embarrassment


Vienna and lower Austria in conscious behind with the implementation of discrimination prohibited. Fundamental rights from the Constitution and international treaties can be denied to disabled people. The combat of discrimination of disabled people is in the countries not a concern? [... more]


[D+270] care crisis 2.0 - the regulated Chaos (3)

The organized care Chaos: institutions for the disabled as “illegal nursing home operation”! Why are make-shifts of institutional forms of Care is promoted more as a real family a sense of security? Orientation to the Optimum, the family is man's duty – the freedom of choice of the form of Care is a human right! Staff state of emergency is not only a “grey zone” but a politically-motivated crime. An end to the federalist incompetence! A eugenic-economistic orientation and the continuation of a fundamental right-Federal Constitution, would be the causes for the care debacle and the rampant “national debt” to people. [... more]

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