Inclusion and participation for All! Darkness is the only light eliminated. Never give up!

Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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[D+1500] the main barriers to Inclusion and participation, rights of disabled and needy people

Perfidie: Menschenrechtsabkommen ratifizieren und Umsetzungsverschleppung mit Gesetzesvorbehalt rechtfertigen.

Squared perfidy: human rights treaties, ratify and implement the carryover with the law of title to justify.

What is the capital-disabilities, so the main obstacles to Inclusion, participation and self-determination rights, i.e., rights of the disabled and care of vulnerable people (and their families)?

The main causes of the Austrian implementation of denial and procrastination to the UN disability rights Convention, which have so far been barely addressed, if at all, never:

The reason is quite loose and would loose Federal Constitution and the unwritten Eugen-economistic basic consensus. [... more]


[D+1350] responsibility for the organized System affliction

"Öffentliche Hand" in Handschellen

Commission of the offence due to systemic omission must be moved from the ‘Blind spot’ in the ‘focus’

"Public Hand" in handcuffs

The eagle is a common heraldic animal, in order to give the sovereignty and authority of the state of expression. The robbery can claw animal as a Symbol of the Executive authority of the state. The state's monopoly of violence is not justified by the law of the strong, but to the primacy [... more]


[D+1262] care in the Emergency


Bureaucracy stifles humanity (update 2012)

Our severely multiple disabled adults, former foster daughter, Katja (less than 24 basal”, coma-like) came at the age of “22 years ago from a Vienna children's home in our family. Seven years ago, Katja, who was now 16 years old, was unable to cope with the economic burden. More and more of the care work required for both our use as foster parents, so that a work [... more]


Your money or your life – the reprehensible Coup!

"Geld oder Leben"

The rejection of the Social

"Your money or your life"- Coup

Accession to the EU (in early 1995) was a turning point in the Austrian social policy, the rejection of the Social set up and spread out, until today. The later onset of social cold snap (Cabinet: Vrnaitzky, climate, Schüssel, Gusenbauer, Faymann) is directly proportional with the stranglehold of the stability Pact to the Federation and the Länder. The pressure was 1:1 [... more]


[D+241] lifestyle medicine needs to overcome repair medicine

Lifestyle medicine for the prevention of demographic meltdown and care collapse reversal BEFORE the Crash of social systems is a question of Survival! OPEN LETTER By the reversal of repair-medicine towards a life in medicine would not only remain the health system financially viable, but also the need for care not to overdo it, but a affordable size. [... more]


[D+235] Slow leakage of reason

General human rights: respect for human dignity knows absolutely no exceptions! The term “other Status” includes, in particular, to the Discrimination ground 'disability'. Current detailed positions clear about the universal validity of human rights, the question is: “Are the disabled ‘’ soon as the people?” [... more]


[D+223] Hypocritical to Consort with reason-lawless Constitution

Is being renovated the loose Austrian Federal Constitution after 90 years, finally General? The process of European integration for the establishment of reason, leads right in Austria? Given the so far only hypocritical "In the name of the Republic of Austria" concluded an international agreement on fundamental social rights, whose "conscientious compliance" was promised solemnly, there is little hope that the 'European Charter of fundamental rights', the state of hypocrisy would be abandoned. [... more]


[D+222] reason-lawlessness reigns in the country


The fight to have been in a permanent state of threat due to social ignorance and arbitrariness Austria get ignored international agreements, States bow to the constitutional rights of disabled people and their families must lead in a highly civilized European States with a permanent fight on all fronts, in the “enjoyment” of their participation rights. In Styria, the controversy of the shares of assumption of Costs for tools is currently being tried on people with a disability-related need for support. [... more]


Palliative care study: euthanasia in the case Concerned not an issue

The current study refuted the alleged desire of seriously ill patients to assisted dying: With good care, almost no one wants to the respondents at the end of life “euthanasia”. Also, a vast majority is in favour of a care (and Die) at home. The call to care for creation in so-called “homes” around the real needs of affected people. [... more]


[D+197] Constitution of the people would in the minds of

Anchoring human dignity in the Austrian Federal Constitution – a requirement on the search of the starting points for the necessary changes. The human dignity of disabled people is not only increasingly in question, but freezing cold with my feet kicked. Two "small" examples of "grief" and "life worth living" for illustrative purposes. [... more]


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