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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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News 2010-05-29 (weekly tweets)

RT @latinapress: government in #Mexico bans Junk Food in schools – #Junk food #school 22:16:47, 2010-05-27 RT @clam castle: Video shows Russian deputies in the case of incorrect tuning, you press once briefly for the colleagues 22:12:31, 2010-05-27 RT @BICEPS: Demonstration for Personal assistance on 9. June, at 10 a.m. in Vienna. Please come! pls RT 14:17:58, 2010-05-25 [... more]


News 2010-05-22 (weekly tweets)

Declaration / Declaration 33: Bank-Rott / bankruptcy ... Nomen est omen? 21:18:29, 2010-05-18 Declaration 32: inclusion-society revives, a society of exclusion perishes due to its self-mutilation. 16:42:23, 2010-05-17 Declaration 32: inclusive society revives, a society of exclusion perishes due to its self-mutilation. 18:22:54, 2010-05-16 statement 32: in A Inclusive society, on lives, Exclusion society is at the self-mutilation. [... more]


News 2010-05-15 (weekly tweets)

Statement 31: "No alternative" IS the bankruptcy declaration and its affidavit. 19:23:17, 2010-05-14 Declaration 30: "No alternative" is the shortest complete confession ever. 18:54:29, 2010-05-14 statement 31: there is "no Alternative" IS the Declaration of bankruptcy and THE revelation is silk. 18:37:33, 2010-05-14 statement 30: there is "no Alternative" is the shortest most comprehensive confession has always been. 18:35:34, 2010-05-14 RT @Jura forum consequences from the Wi-Fi-judgment of the Federal court – [... more]


News 2010-05-08 (weekly tweets)

Statement 26: The whole System was voluntary at the mercy of the risk-takers. We are not save, if the hostage is not freed! 09:21:39, 2010-05-07 statement 25: Austria is in bad shape! 10:41:32, 2010-05-06


News 2010-05-01 (weekly tweets)

Virtual memory, notes archive to Evernote RT @Manfred Messmer, A practical tip for a new week 09:27:50, 2010-04-26


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