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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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Franz Böck died

The struggle for self-determination, accessibility, social justice and needs-based supports for people with disabilities were a concern. Mr. Böck was paralyzed since youth, cross-sectional and users of a wheelchair. He was until his Retirement a member of staff of the ÖBB. There he sat, years ago, for more accessibility. His car hobbyist - a passion for American classic cars.

Franz Böck joined in June [... more]


Welfare hypocrisy in the real existing welfare state

It has a publish method, funding opportunities, and services and to make “additions” so that they can only be used by very few. Patronizing can be boasted of, which there are social benefits, and how well it's all in the social Paradise. [... more]


A warning to Sunday talk most oscillating Economic

Sham solution of the 24-hour care ... is neither legally, nor affordable, or any contribution to a discharge. A solution of bureaucrats to the satisfaction of the bureaucracy. The most Affected ignore you anyway, which is completely understandable. Not little money will be moved with a lot of effort between the pots, that's it. [ ... more]


Protection against discrimination in Austria is insufficient

To our – Austria – shame not to see that the national institutions and legal resources are insufficient obviously, discrimination as well as unlawful and to prevent inhumane treatment or remedy. [... more]


Nope care model has “skeletons in the closet”

Lower Austria as a model of how to deal with people in need of care, will prove to be the “example par excellence” fatalster error. [... more]


15 Years Bauskandal

On this “eternal construction site” was laid with the care allowance act 15 years ago, although a good and solid Foundation, which carries on until today, a load-bearing function. ... The Plan was discarded, it was not built solid. The builders ... let the project go. [... more]


Legal rights are ignored , social to arbitrary authority

Countries the entire range of the help” socially needy people to distribute “according to authorities, arbitrary and, depending on the Fund. The supposedly “voluntary benefits”, which provide the countries as “Private”, there is no right to claim. AIDS, which actually is entitled to, will be dismissed up to the highest courts with specious arguments. [... more]


Care money of the entire year has been diverted from the patient!

The increase in the care allowance to only five per cent is not even the drop on the hot stone. However, a lack of adaptation of this, from both Camps verbockten, the legislature would be an insult. [... more]


Policy is based on the wrong horse, paying lip service to the care home

Short-sighted prestige fell in love with politicians like still inside, at the ground breaking ceremony and opening ceremonies of new “homes” than to be a benefactor celebrated. When you will understand, at last, to have on the wrong horse. [... more]


Plain text: Vienna care allowance is a supplementary benefit for a lot of unreasonable (Open letter from Pepo Meia)

Pepo Meia (address in known to the authorities)

29. June 2008

Subject: FSW-3437/07110

Open letter: care allowance Supplement (PGE) 2

Dear councillor Mag. Sonja Wehsely, ladies and gentlemen of the FSW and all those who are in need of Personal assistance (Personal assistance), and the topic of "care and support" care.

Since I have a Letter from the FSW (under my public opinion and [... more]


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