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09.09.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

Self-representation as an expression of and way of inclusion

Affected property experts, as a newcomer, store policy before detachment


  • The Inflation “Christian-social” Claim in the real “values”-community: “state-supporting” pragmatic People“value” the Index“values” to be sacrificed!
  • “Social coldness” is a matter of The icebergs with their invisible colossal masses of ice, drifting silently and undeterred, no one is stopping you.
  • Self-representation on the political stage must be lived (not as a Fig leaf or a supplicant). “Nothing about us without us” applies to ALL types of disability.
  • Instead of the health-care crisis to resolve, was in need of this for party tactical skirmish miss, while the pressure of the need for action, rises like a volcano before the outbreak.
  • Property, plant, and policy needs to overcome the party domination.

NR-Abg Dr. Franz-Joseph Huainigg, ÖVP speaker for people with disabilities, presented in the three weeks leading up to the no-choice on 28.09.2008, at its Homepage 21 positions, demands and requests to the disability policy.

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Post DsH_ad_FJH21-19 (2008.09.09-13:41):

Position 3: Affected in the policy influence. ... (FJH - original text see below)

To the questions:

*** To attract Huainigg warm? ***

Even if you, dear Dr. Huainigg, your party praise in the comments today, once again, according to the Motto: “by their deeds (fruits) ye shall retain, they recognize” that the ÖVP is, unfortunately, not a Christian-social party. I say this in this clarity not from opposition,but from a benevolent criticism and painful sadness. Maybe it's a necessary identity leads but once the crisis is that it will, once again, and the social Conscience back to dig up?

The often party-political club used the concept of “social coldness” is, unfortunately, to all parties, as applicable. In the opposition role, it is naturally easier to swing this club. Since the social sector is mainly the responsibility of the States, are ice masses the true icebergs with their invisible colossal also to be found there!

*** To be able to represent disabled people, their concerns in their own really better? ***

Of course, it can't be that a disabled person is not determined in areas of life foreign to you, which everyone disabled is, of course, Autonomous true. It is a platform, something like a democratic “Council,” or maybe a group of citizens, where self-representation is not lived on the political stage (as a Fig leaf or a supplicant). The self-representation only Affected a single Body is not the type of disability, as a group, eller “disabled speaker”, as it currently has a little the appearance, I think, is the Central concern. Each disability is in the individual's habitat, life planning, and age is an extremely complex cross-sectional matter. No one, whether disabled or not disabled, may be fully competent. The Problem, however, is whether this “disabled speaker” is sufficient authorized and legitimized, to actually advocate the concerns of people with disabilities. I also hold a membership in a political party not to be beneficial and I would have liked it, if you, Mr Abg. Huainigg,the party would have remained independent.

*** Political professionals are not better than affected a newcomer? ***

The political anti-culture has been set up since the beginning of the health-care crisis debate (2006-08) the crown, by even the most sensitive area of care by these “political professionals” for party was in need of tactical skirmishes, miss. This lack of responsibility continues now already for two years, by focusing on trivialities (falsely so-called “legalization”) the problem now as solved will be shown, while the pressure of the need for action, rises like a volcano before the outbreak. On a actual solution to this now, failed government was never interested, which was manifested, in particular, that never values the budget mention. The continued now for two years and is also the current all-round punches with tax reform (relief cake distribution and inflation-fighting) and “Pflegeföndchen”. I think that experts on the subject as a newcomer, (they are immune in all areas) the risk of detachment from real life is better.

*** What measures must you make so that disabled people can be obtained for the commitment in the policy? ***

Property policy must re-focus, party and power politics and their sinecures distribution must be given a clear rejection. Who is still fighting the ideological grave or class militant advances, is still detained in the last century. The party rule has to abdicate.

Gerhard Lichtenauer, Austrian Citizens ' Initiative “Home instead of home” and Katja's Blog (

Original text to FJH21_19 -source: (09.09.2008)


To heralded as a in the autumn of 2002 at my home late in the evening, the telephone, and Maria Rauch-Kallat told me that Chancellor Schüssel would like to have me as national Council members, and disabled the speaker in the Parliament, I would not be dropped certainly, if I were in a wheelchair sat.
The risk was on both sides very large: A cripple comedians in the ÖVP to bring the club illustrates the courage Wolfgang Schuessel. In the disability scene, I was the Darling of all the new enemy picture: “How to only! Ironically, in the disabled enemy ÖVP!”, was reading on the Internet forum.

high risk – big fun

The ÖVP has embarked on the disabled subject and the balance after six years.

Today, I am convinced that I and the concerns of people with disabilities in the ÖVP are very well cared for. The ÖVP is the party of diversity, individuality, and human dignity really lives.

When I moved in in the ÖVP-Klub, told me: “get dressed warm. You know, the ÖVP and the social coldness.” Today, I can say that The opposite is the case. The ÖVP is human. It is not about false campaign promises, but that of social justice.

For the ÖVP, the person with their Dignity is at the heart of policy. We are actively committed to combating all forms of discrimination, whether on grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, Religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. This is part of the political responsibility borne by the Austrian people's party Christian-social party. The requirement that people with disabilities are able to represent their concerns in the policy itself and is intended to, is an expression and logical consequence of this attitude. The ÖVP, the ÖVP disabled spokesman Dr Franz Joseph Huainigg not only a Signal, but documented the recognition of the self-representation right. I may here quote the Federation of associations for the Disabled, ÖAR, recently in a press release the wrote about Huainigg: “The ÖVP has a MP, he is speaking knows what”. Thus, the ÖVP, as the only party with a self-affected, disabled speakers on a secure place on the list. It is the politically comprehensive Yes also to “handicapped”.

Other parties have adopted the right of self-representation. The SPÖ had never been a self-concerned people in the Parliament ...


To attract Huainigg warm?

To be able to represent disabled people, their concerns in their own really better? Political professionals are not better than affected a newcomer?

What measures must you make so that disabled people can be obtained for the commitment in the policy?

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