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Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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21.10.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

News 2009-10-21 (weekly tweets)

  • Declaration 06: Nemesis avenges the desecration of Themis #Crisis #
  • Declaration 05: slaughtering of animals in the real economy by Surreal-economy #Crisis #
  • Declaration 04: Globalized Hybris #Crisis #
  • Yunus: "the world has missed a Golden opportunity"; an end to the "blind hunt for more Profit" #Crisis #
  • EDF: “I expect the Swedish presidency of the EU to ratify the UN Convention in the next months" #
  • Empty coffers: € 100,000 of tax money for a funeral display #Social removal #Hängematte #Poverty #
  • Declaration 03: Slaughtered cows are poor milking.
    [International day of poverty] #
  • RT @social info Swine flu side effects scandal: Chancellor and Ministers are to receive special vaccine #
  • Explanation 02: Bonuses => Mali
    [Bonus/Bonuses=Bonuses / Malus/Malusse=Mali?] #
  • Explanation 01: Everything is half twice! #

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