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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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News 2012-10-27 (weekly tweets)

@ladstaetter @leyrer For the implementation of anti-discrimination in lower Austria had to be changed a lot of personnel. in reply to ladstaetter 2012-10-23 @ladstaetter financial outlay, §5(1) NÖ monitoring Committee, independent of §6(1) Chairman of the equal treatment Commissioner has, in reply to ladstaetter 2012-10-23


News 2012-09-29 (weekly tweets)

You don't want to let's, Stasi pales posthumously envy: "if the EU wants to filter all Internet data" #CleaniIT #ACTA 2012-09-24


News 2012-05-05 (weekly tweets)

Your money or your life – the reprehensible Coup! 2012-05-04


News 2012-04-28 (weekly tweets)

Your files are always and everywhere ready with @Dropbox. 2 GB of free disk space! 2012-04-23


News 2012-04-14 (weekly tweets)

Inpatient long-term care for multiple disabled people – came in 2006 for the “NÖ residential and day - care regulation” 2012-04-12


News 2012-04-07 (weekly tweets)

Has someone pre-warned denied that there could be incriminating Mails or have all moved in the head? #OpPitdog #Gereralverdacht 2012-04-02 @DaBozzzzz @AnonAustria "Chilling..." and as an indication that something might be coming? #OpPitdog #confusion in-reply-to DaBozzzzz 2012-04-01 The phrase "Expect us" was played, "respect us" was set to's game. #OpPitdog 2012-04-01 [... more]


News 2012-03-24 (weekly tweets)

Mothers of severely disabled children, Charlotte Lichtenauer, in-house nursing care for children and young people 2012-03-20


News 2012-03-17 (weekly tweets)

Wolfgang S. calls for his fundamental rights and freedoms, which are denied him for years: 2012-03-12


News 2012-02-04 (weekly tweets)

Statement 46: exclusion comes to us, to all of us! #Inclusion Statement 46: Exclusion costs us dearly, all of us! #inclusion 2012-01-29


News 2011-12-24 (weekly tweets)

Statement 45: Multiple discriminations violence is the multiplication result of the lone suppression factors and not only their sum. 2011-12-20 statement 45: multiple discrimination violence is the multiplicative result and not only the sum of the individual suppression factors. 2011-12-20


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