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12.06.09 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

[D+235] Slow leakage of reason

(Much too) slow leakage of the responsibility for each other in the minds of the people
General human rights: respect for human dignity knows absolutely no exceptions!

Fresh spring water often has thousands of years of Seepage and cleaning processes. By Filtration in deep sediment layers of the water, ultimately, clear, pure drinking water from dirty surface.

Similar to tedious, it seems to be the basic cognitive processes of mankind go along together. Thousands of years of ancient insights, in various formulations of the question ‘I would like to be treated, I would be at the Other place‘ derived, need infinitely long for them to bubble up in the human mind leakage to eventually, finally, his decisions and actions as a source of refreshment “out”.

From the abyss of deep trauma will o ' the wisp “ - isms” of the last century, the responsibility of reminder of this new (old) standards, summarized in the ‘Universal Declaration of human rights‘ that makes the Think in terms of responsibility to one another (unfortunately, very slowly) his way.

Current detailed positions clear about the universal validity of human rights, such as the The UN disability rights Convention or the UN-comment, the (deliberately provocatively worded) question:

“To be considered ‘disabled’ as soon as a human (with Rights)?”

It was already very striking that the weighting of the human rights listed in the discrimination prohibitions of the “rear” third of the list (social origin, property, birth, any other Status) downright of the attention, let alone implementation, is hidden. These points are so have some deal Still ignorant of human rights.

I am amazed that the fathers and mothers of the universal human rights of our time were obviously far ahead of you. It is very gratifying that this is now important made clarifications. It is high time this was!

Source: BICEPS-INFO ( – 30. May 2009

The UN Committee stresses the importance of anti-discrimination

The General Comment No 20 identifies discrimination as a barrier to development and prosperity. For the first time, disability as discrimination is called basic specifically.

The UN flag

The UN Committee on economic, social and cultural rights stresses the importance of anti-discrimination, and published in his 42. Session of 4. to 22. May 2009, his Interpretation of Art 2 of the International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights. The Art 2, Para 2 prohibits in the interpretation of this international Treaty, any discrimination on grounds of race, skin colour, sex, language, Religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other Status.

The General Comment No. 20 points particularly to the fact that the term “other Status” for more disadvantaged groups and grounds of Discrimination that were not considered in the 1966, includes. In particular, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity. Under the title “nationality,” are expressly recognized migrants, Asylum seekers and stateless persons as worthy of protection.

Source: Granted ( – 29. May 2009
UN Committee on economic, social and cultural rights stresses the importance of anti-discrimination

The Postings in the Forum of BICEPS-INFO: from the 2. and 12. June 2009

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