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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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Provincial Lag in the protection from indirect discrimination pair of disabled people

It is an indictment of our alleged rule of law, when public Law bodies, such as the countries (against better knowledge) in your country are allowed to ignore human laws and regulations, international laws, agreements, and equal treatment and freedom of rights of the Federal Constitution so long “” and in the administrative practice of the applicable law to bow, until they are summoned by international courts and procedure. [... more]


System of exploitation of the cheap Boarding care pair will continue

There are today in our Latitudes no starker system of Exploitation, as the cheap Boarding caring for relatives, especially when you look at the them for superhuman, highly professional work remaining to care for money in Relation to the public funding of aussonder and entsozialisierenden care ghetto. [... more]


People care - the success of the self-employed model of care? (OPEN LETTER)

In the previous solution, the so-called “24-hour care” is a sham, both of the self-employed, as well as of the dependent solution. Against the Background of the so-called “island of lbständigkeit” is, in spite of both variants in the vast majority of care cases, to implement a “reasonable AND legitimate” organization. [... more]


Request to the NÖ Directive, 'Living for the mentally and multiple handicapped people' (OPEN LETTER)

A new nope Directive “Housing for mentally and multiple disabled people” to ensure that the needy people in their immediate living environment point to learn accurate and appropriate help and support to individual needs. That sounds very interesting! [... more]

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