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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

Mütter schwerstbehinderter Kinder


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Emergency: bureaucracy and humanity (call for help four years ago, choking on 7.7.2005) print version (PDF)

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Bureaucracy stifles humanity An emergency

Light Auer Gerhard Vicarage Settlement Of 24 A-3351 Weistrach

Tel.: 0699 12490010 Mail:

Steyr, on 7.7.2005

Dear recipients of this emergency call,

due to a personal emergency, I turn to you asking you to read the following Information and check whether [... more]


Katja - my life

Katja Gerhard and Charlotte Lichtenauer

Stations and situations of my life: My life – not capable of survival? My life – not family? My life – not capable of development? My life – crisis and new beginning of My life – in your own pace (... later) My life – not school? (... follows later) My life – care? (... later) ... the first [... more]


Inclusive education and training system to implement

Unfortunately, existing equality rights of disabled people are still denied and boycotted, so also in the education system. Values-Erosion: Even where inclusive education structures implemented for the last 15 years, the bottleneck in the System through savings. Inclusive education is changing the attitude of managers requires, in particular, on the political level, priorities are re-aligning. Also, not all under one roof ‘benefit would be disabled to consistently inclusive education for ALL’! [... more]


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