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Live aid and rehabilitation care for the severely disabled at home

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02.09.08 - Gerhard Lichtenauer - Druckansicht und drucken

Self-advocacy for ALL disabled people!

We must not pretend to where he/she hears “hung”.

Posting in Forum of BICEPS-INFO to the article:
Ruppe: “It is worthy only Think that disabled people represent their concerns in their own” ... Forum post (02.09.08) 2. September 2008, 11:56 PM

Dear Mr. Mag. Ruppe,
I welcome your candidacy to no, and I wish you much success. Particularly Necessary, I think, that people participate in shaping the policy, have a look for the “total assistance needed”. I therefore welcome strongly that you want to cover ALL types of disability “” and the group would seek cross-sectoral cooperation for the achievement of disability policy objectives.

I stand fully to the principle of self-representation, but on the groups point out, the need for their own self-determination and Self-advocacy for a comprehensive assistance. For people with a learning disability, there are already developments for Self-advocacy (“People First” groups), other area is, however, regularly “through the grate”. The group of the severely disabled on several occasions, for example, need to awake comatose or brain-injured people or those with severe brain organic diseases, a mouthpiece, a “representation of self representation”, wherein some of the a – I opposition but not- (n).

A record of your Interviews, I would like to add a necessary addition. You say: “People with learning disabilities are also in the midst of society into small, well-supervised residential units. Since Sweden is a role model”. We must not pretend to be (also according to the UN disability Convention, art. 19) where he/she “belongs”. Of course, discrimination in the mainstream society. But whether in small self-managed managed outpatient, residential care groups or in the place of origin or family of Choice (also with a supply of financial and human support), or to life, depending on the possibility of assistance in your own home must be the freedom of choice granted. Also Sweden, a model is needed, even in people with the most severe cognitive support.

Addendum 2. September 2008 At 13:11
Mag. Sebastian Ruppe joins the note to supported “self-representation” severely multi-handicapped people, and the constructive criticism of the formulation for the “accommodation” for people with learning disabilities.
To Answer:

Dear Mr Lichtenauer,
thank you for your encouraging, constructively critical post in which you give me important notes to Self-advocacy severe multiple disabled people and to me rightly to say that I have opened in my formulation of the “accommodation” for people with learning disabilities the idea of”space” rather closed instead.
This is exactly how I imagine the cooperation with “all of you out there”, because I'm not far from been an expert on All the/s and think I know everything, but, on the contrary, I can never stop learning and to expand my horizons in the field of disability.
People first and their Initiative at Home instead of home, which I appreciate very much! (for example, the design of the assistance benefit act) – would be for me a clear response and information partners in a possible. political work. And Sweden would be a first “education destination” from me!
With warm Regards from Graz
Sebastian Ruppe

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